"Memorial To Our Fallen NatureSpirit "Clyde"

Clyde....We really miss you, old buddy!!!!!!

†Our True Friend and Family Member Clyde. January 22, 1985 to May 8, 2007 11:30am. He will be missed so much, and will always be in our hearts.†

†Clyde with his sister Bonnie, which we lost 7 years prior to Clyde. They kept to their namesakes Bonnie and Clyde, They were always up to something.†

†Clyde was still going strong at 20 years old in 2005.†

†Clyde was a real character, and up till a week or so before his crossing, he had not changed.†

†Clyde loved to be a basket case!!!†

†Sometimes he liked to just hang out with the chics!!! He really did love his chickens.†

Always a deep thinker.

†Clyde on patrol in his favorite room...."The Kitchen".†

†Clyde and Spatz Shared many interests, Especially the rocking chair. Spatz is 10 in this picture, Clyde is 17†

†Cozy Kitties sharing a tall box for a catnap.†

†The higher the perch, the better the quality, according to Clyde!!!.†

†Guess who won the pillow fight!?!?!?!?†

†An old picture of Clyde in Early 1997, about the time this website came into being.†

†All the years Spatz and Clyde were together, they spent a lot of quality time together.†

†Ater a nice long day of play and patrolling the grounds, they would cozy up for a powernap.†

†When they awakened, first one up, would wake the other.†

†Sometimes when Gene would get off work from the foundry, they would all nap together.†

†Clyde and Spatz were never far apart, They even crossed over real close together†

†They would even eat together, especially when they were stealing the dog's food.†

Clyde was a real character, he had a one of a kind personality, and impressed it upon everyone. He was always there for you, and understood what you were going through. We know that he will be with us always in spirit, but we miss him so very much. Until we meet again old friend in the afterlife, please be patient and forgive us our weaknesses. Love you forever Clyde, our missing NatureSpirit!!!

"Brenda and Gene" †The NatureSpirits†



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