New combination essence


This is a combination of Bartek, Paradise, Glanni, Balance, Aurora Borealis, Mahatma and Tenderness.

It is soothing, calming, balancing, healing effect after any type of minor or major trauma.


This powerful blend of nearly 20 waterfall essences is a gift from mother earth, Gaia to all earthworkers for their dedicated work in past years.

The whole of Creation has aided Gaia to make this essence. It is too powerful to be used internally by living beings so please be careful using it.

As time goes by new energies will be added to this essence as these energies are anchored on earth.

We are honoured to be able to offer this essence to any one that is ready to use it in their work.

It is available in 50ml spray bottle or in 10ml bottle with a pipette.

How to use:
For earthwork: put a drop on the earth or in the lake or river where you are working and ask the deva or keeper/guardian of the area to work with you and help spread the clearing energies in the are and hold the energies after the clearing has been done.
If you use crystals in your work the work will be done quicker and reach further out.
Put a drop of the essence on each mandala crystal you have.  Form a 12-pointed star of David with your crystals with the odds facing outwards.
If you only have one crystal you work with (sphere, skull or cluster or any other form) put a drop on the crystal.
Always remember to call on and work with the guardian of the area as well as your light/love team.
In our work we work with a large shamballa team and earthwork team plus essence team (well they might all be one team actually).

To clean houses (hunted or with discordant energy) you can use crystals as before or spray in each room to clean.
This would be very good to do in any hospitals to help the discarnate find their way to the light and the next plane.

If you want to use this essence to
clean human energy field you may for example build a 12pointed mandala around the group of people you are working with or teaching and put a drop on one or more crystals with the odd facing inwards towards the people. You can do a meditation while the crystals and essence is working. All clearings will be done in accordance with Devine will and seed blueprints of Creation.

We will be using this essence during our meditation/earthwork at Žingvellir during the eclipse on Thursday.

When I first made this essence combination I called on Pan, Gaia, over lightening deva of soil, over lightening deva of Australia and over lightening deva of healing. I also called on the ancient ones.
While in Belgium last week we made a new essence that now is part of this combination and many more devas were asked to help out plus many other beings. You will be able to read about that later in this definition.

1. Antahkarana- connection with Source, the rainbow bridge. This is the bridge between heaven and earth.

2. Sheendra: The Sheendrans have multiple roles in this combination. They are protectors, make sure nothing escapes the transformational energies that are to be cleansed and bring lots of love. Since they have never been involved in any interaction or intervention on earth before they have no karma them selves to clean and no resistant to what is being done. This makes them perfect overseer for the work at hand and also communicators with different beings that are met during different clearings.

3. The Golden one: This essence holds golden, transforming energies from higher planes. It helps clear and transmute elementals from the earth.

4. Hraunfossar: The vibrations from this beautiful waterfall works on earths and human acupunctures, to clear blockages so the energy can flow unhindered.  Just as human body has acupunctures so does our earth mother.

5. Borre: This one clears the meridians of all blockages.

6. Aboriginees: The native Australians are the guardians of the song lines or lay lines so it is an honour to welcome their energies into this essence.

7. Silver violet flame: Germain plays a big role in this essence as in all our essences. He brings forward his transmutation fire to transmute all discordant energies.

8. Holy Grail: This is to clear all betrayal energies within the earth. In many places betrayal has played out in many lifetimes on the same spot only in different way. The soil has held the memories of these betrayals. Now it is time to let it go and give the area a chance to become whole and free.

9. Mt. Shasta opal: It brings us a connection with the inner earth through Telos. This is so the essence not only works on the physical body of earth but also its subtle bodies and the inner 5. dimensional worlds. 

10. Deva of Westfjords: They connect us with the energy grids and make the outward clearing easier.

11. Wieliczka: The spirit of the salt mine has become an important member of our essence and earth worker team. He is a communicator with lost spirits and trapped beings on earth to help them open up for the energy of love and the aid they can get to become free and go into the light or to higher plane again.

12. Dolphins: The over lightening deva of Africa and the ocean beings are here to clear the DNA and the abuse of the humans on earth and to bring in joy and harmony.

13. Obsidian-magic: This essence was made in Belgium and Iceland. At first it was to be able to clean all black magic but it was not complete like that. It took over a week to completely finish making it and bringing in the energies needed into it. The beings that helped with this were: over lightening deva of Belgium, the crystal consciousness within the earth under Belgium, over lightening deva of Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Antarctica, North pole and Africa. Creators of multiple universes. Ancient ones, the octavine group and many more. I also invited the group consciousness of all animals that have been used for magical rituals to give their energies to this essence to clear this relationship with humans. The basic mineral is Icelandic volcanic glass (black obsidian). It clears/transmutes all kinds of magic and magical spells originated in creation.

14. Spring equinox: It brings to us the feminine Christ consciousness to be anchored at this time on Earth and into the gridlines.

15. Quan Yin: The whole aspect of the love rays and shamballa energies on all dimensions to replace the discordant energies that have been cleared.

16. Holy Cross mt.: this connects with the earth chakras specially the heart chakra of mother earth.

17. Elements: The earth and us are made up of the elements and thus we welcome the cleansing and rejuvenating energies of the elements into this essence.

18. New Merkabah: Helps clean memories of ancestors, helps the blueprint to release to create another life.  Helps balance the feminine energies and all the contraries. Helps the cellular structure to be totally balanced, cell by cell (atom by atom). helps connect the whole Universe because the New merkabah is connected to the heavenly host.  It also ankers the key codes of Enoch, the codes of the Melchizedek dead see scrolls, the hebrew alphabet, all the energies of the ancient ones.

19. Diverse
holograms from my God

20. Mahatma: the I am of Source, the transmutational golden, silver, violet energy of love from Source.

This one is made from many plant essences that we made summer 2001. It cleanses and reconnects the soul-self cord, cleanses occupants, wormholes, portals and soul family members from your energy fields. It is best to use it by connecting with the Godself of the person and asking if she is ready to have this cleansing and then help with it.
Uplifting for the spirit.
Good for any health practitionaire to use on his/hers client before and after session.

Remarks from users.
"The "Auric Clearing" essence is on my desk all the time, and I spray it over my head and let it fall on me.  It uplifts my spirit every time. It is really amazing ~!!!" Carol Hathor, the founder of Soulwisdom energy transformation

C4. Lightbody activation spray
This unique combination of 5 essences activates your lightbody with diverse codes, the feminine christ consciousness and builds your lightquotient.

Special Core essences.

I now offer as well a specially channeled core essence for individuals. They help you in realising who you are and to get to know the core of your being.

I also offer a specially
designed blend for individuals depending on what they would like to have aid with in their lives.

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