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Who's In ?.....)

Mr. Sanjay Sinha, hails from Laloo's place (Ranchi, Bihar now Jharkhand) and has joined GE Corporate, he can be reached at 518-388-7916, dial comm 564-7916.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain, hails from Bhilwara, Rajasthan and has joined GE Corporate, he can be reached at 518-388-7916, dial comm 564-7916.

Mr. Prithvijit Mazumder, hails from West Bengal (born and brought up at Vizag) and has joined GE Corporate, he can be reached at 518-388-4104, dial comm 564-4104. He is nick named as 'Prithvi'.

Mr. Shankha Choudhury, hails from Durgapur and has joined GE Corporate, he can be reached at 518-388-7278, dial comm 564-7278.

Arunab Dev: Joined Corporate Team recently.

Rahul Gupta: Joined Corporate recently, Can be reached at (518)388-7690 DialComm: *564-7690 ;


Who'zzz OUT?.....

Mr Anand Ayyachamy: Mr. Anand who hails from the Temple City of India (Madurai) joined GEPS and our community in August 2000. He is nick named as 'Annachi' (The most admired word not only in our community but whole India). The cool chap has a hand in all our community activities. If it is a cricket he comes with bat and ball and sends the opponents on the guard. If it is a get together, he and Sound duo makes the crowd spell bound. If anyone needs to buy a car the best person to contact would be this cool chap. He takes you to all the dealers, till you by a car.. Don't forget he would not leave you till you give him a party. Unfortunately, this astounding person is going for good. Let's wish him all the triumph, warmth, peace and success in his life. ( by Chitts on Jan, 2002)

Mr Pradeep Senapathi: Was Captain of 'in-CASE' team and led his team to Semi-finals in Volleyball Tournament, after registering a historical and most surprise win over 'Guru-Ganthals'. Enacted as 'Lalloo' in a skit during Picnic. Founder of 'Schenectady Cricket Club' and took the team twice to Pittsfield . Got married with Sagarika on Dec-09. We wish him a very married life.

Mr Tapan DAS: Also known as 'Deva DAS of Schdy'..... This 'Sleeping-Captain' of 'Jubilant Indians' , woke only in the finals to make his team 'The Champions of Cricket -2001'....Hope to see him back soon....

Ms. Vanitha: Best of luck to her marriage with Anand, to be held soon.

Mr Ravi Kandarpa: He was a semi-finalist in Tennis Tournament; Stalwart of 'Balltown Eagle' Cricket Team; Contributed to our website, with his articles on Canada Trip and Diwali Function. Wish him all the best

Mr Tamarai Selvam: Left to vacation on Jan-26...Best of luck, for his search for a life-partner !!!

Mr. Karthik: This PL of ASPL-Energy Services, left for vacation with high hope of getting a girl for his marriage !!! Can he get???? A million dollar question !!!



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