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This homepage that day !!!!!!!!

Please click on the below links to view the frontpage of that day..Birth-Day Bash for March & April

Apl-26 ( Birth-Day Bash for March & April )

Apl-11 ( Kishore's Farewell Party )

Mar'20 ( Balki's marriage )

Mar '05 ( Goodbye to Ravi, alias 'Chitappa' )

Feb 27 ( Happy B'day wishes to Basav, "The Bull" )

Feb 09 ( Obituary- Arti Ron )

Feb 07 (Mike Tomsho is given with a 'Retirement Luncheon Party' )

Nov 15 (Warm welcome to Gurjeet & Padmaja, a 'Very Special Couple of Schenectady")

Nov 09 ( RAJGOPA cuts cake at 11pm.... Has the Daylight Saving Time ended?! … Not for Rajgopal)

Nov 07 (A few scenes from the super hit skit "EAST OR WEST, UGANDA IS THE BEST")

Nov 03 ( Ranatunga (Somina) to fly this Sunday to play a ' New Game of Life' in India; Azzu's B'day .....)

Nov 01 ( Venkatesh to celebrate his Birthday better than Aishwarya Roy; Tomsho's B'day & NRA send up picture…)

Oct 30 ( NRA Prasad cuts cake in Bldg 273, in the presence of Anil to start a New Life in India soon, .... )



Oct 20 ( Happy Second Birth Day to PRIYANKA, the daughter of Karthik & Sridevi..... )

Oct 17 ( GADP/STAP teams welcome Sitaram, Sujan, YVK, Sreenivas(Reddy) and Raju with a grand Pot-luck Lunch.... )

Oct 13 ( Rajiv Chalak and Pratibha are blessed with the baby girl “Aishwarya”(7 lbs) )

Oct 11 ( WAR OF TITANS--- Finals b/w Vinod & Bharath in Tennis Tournament '2000 )

Oct 09 ( Basav on top of the world's cradle, after setting a record )

Oct 02 ( Very Happy Gandhi Jayanthi & Picnic'2000-- Guys in watching mood!!!!)

Sept 28 ( Anil presenting the awards to Niskayuna Barbarians -- The runners-up in Cricket Tournament )

Sept 27 ( Manikodi is honoured with a memorable gift in a grand Farewell Party at Dragon Garden )

Sept 23 ( BirthDay Bash in Bldg, 273 !!! - Nagendran & Madhavi exchange their birthday gifts )

Sept 20 ( Dentist's delight - Group grins at Picnic'2000... who has the best teeth?' )

Sept 18 ( Madhavi & Nagendran's B'days)

Sept 15 (Indian Matadors- The winners of Volleyball' 2000 )

Sept 12 (Azzu gets Driving Licence in FIRST attempt)

Sept 11 (Senthil celebrates his Silver Jubilee B'day, by cutting PIZZAS)

Sept 09 (FUN page updated )

Sept 07

Sept 06(Vinod's B'day)

Sept 05 (Monish's B'day)

Sept 01 (Ganesh Chaturthi)

August 31 (Sai's sendoff)

August 30 (First picture of Picnic on web !!)

August 28

August 25 ( Jayadev's sendoff)

August 24 (Ivette's B'day)

August 23

August 22 (Basav storms into Tennis's Semi Finals)

August 21 (Replacements win Cricket Trophy)


"Vande Mataram !!!"

Indian Independence Day Celebration at Schenectady

(One of the glimpses of Flag Hoisting Ceremony held at Hillcrest, today at 7.30 AM.
--Photo by Sai Prasad

Flag hoisting ceremony at Schenectady was a great success

( Vinod Kaulgud reports....)
The dawn of today brought the 53rd Anniversary of INDIAN independence. "INDIA" - our motherland- has a whole new meaning in a foreign land and was very obvious when INDIANS gathered to celebrate a proud day in INDIAN history! When the world is moving towards rapid technological advancements, we, young software professions, the drivers of modern world, led by example, displaying patriotism and celebrated the first Independence Day of 21st century in a grand manner!

As scheduled, the National flag was hoisted at 7:30 AM by Anil Ron. Myself called a salute with the ecstatic chant of JAI HIND. SaiPrasad led the group by singing 'Vande Mataram', the song that inspired millions of Indians, during their struggle for freedom. Our National anthem was sung together and the sheer enthusiasm brought goose pimples on those present! The function was concluded by the sweet distribution ceremony.

A special thanks to Rajesh Sannuthi for bringing the Tricolor all the way from INDIA!!! This wouldn't be possible for me alone without the help of Narasimha Rao, Vijesh Kumar, Saurabh Rath, Satheesha Shamanna, Parag Dehadaraya, Balakishore Bodgari, Pabbu Venugopal, Ravi Vangala.

Very few people have noticed that, when Anil launched our new website yesterday at 2.30 PM, it was the beginning of new day (Aug. 15, 00.00 hr.) in India . What a splendid way to celebrate the first Independence day of this new millennium, before our compatriots in India!!!.

We hope that every year we see our Tricolor flag hoisted in the lush green ground of the Hill
crest! !!!JAI HIND!!!

For more pictures, please click here "Pictures of today's Flag Hoisting Ceremony, held at Hillcrest"

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