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Tennis Tournament-2001

Venue: Blatnick Park
Time: 6.00 PM

Click here for the Schedule of Men's Singles

Click here for the schedules of Men's Doubles, Women Singles & Doubles, and Mixed Doubles
( Note : Please look at different Sheets in the SAME .xls file)

Participants are requested to go through the rules from and Additional Rules

Today's (Friday, July 20) Tennis Singles Matches:
1.Nagendran v/s Sasi
2. Venson v/s Anil Ron
3. Sarath v/s Venu
4. Praveen v/s Ravi

Yesterday's ( Thurdsday, July 19) Results:
Satya beat Don (6-0)
Siddhu beat Guduri (7-5)
Shiv beat Bhagavan
Konkat beat Ravi Poojary
Sujan beat Kartik (6-1)

Results of Wednesday, July 18:
Basav beat Santosh ( 6-0)

Serve your queries to any of the below Co-ordinators

Vishy (385-5415); Chakri ( 5-4252; Atlur ( 5-7129

Archive: TATASCH-Tennis 2000


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