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Tennis Tournament

Coordinator: Vinod Kaulgud (  W:5*9719    H: 372-2799 )
Venue: Blatanik Park

Given below is the latest results of first round of Tennis!!!

Player 1
Player 2
Vinod Konkat Vinod (6-0)
Pabbu Venugopal Parag Parag (6-3)
Jayadev Basav Basav (6-2)
Samir Azzu Samir (6-3)
Mihir Shah Barath Barath (6-1)
Karthik Balakishore Balakishore (6-0)
Aashish Mirji Vijesh Vijesh (6-1)
Vinay Nagendran Rajeev Chalak Rajeev (Walkover)

Bharath gets a perspiring win (7-5, 6-1) over untiring and swift Basavraj…

(A Report by N Raghu)…
Another amazing semi final was underway immediately after a dramatic match between Vinod and Vijesh. And, that was between the Guru (Bharath) and his Tennis student (Basavaraj). Little did the Guru aware of the boomerang his student would hurl over him, until Basav offered a stiff resistance in the very first set with a couple of deuce counts. Basav, the Matador (Bullfighter), trailing at 0-1 commenced his unorthodox and lofted slow serves, and guess what, that strategy really worked through out the match. Not inured to the style, Bharath was lured into shooting and repeatedly failed to contain the ball in. Mind-boggling it was! Those "next to impossible" returns to the Bharath's salvos were made possible only when the agile Tennis Star from inside the Web Master Basav came in to the limelight. Leading the set at 3-2, at one stage, Basav kept the bellicose spree until 5-5. Profusely sweating, the perplexed guru rethinking and determining new strategies unleashed a new wave of attacks on the tennis apprentice to bag the first set 7-5. Seemingly rejuvenated Bharath in the second set resumed to his customary game-style. Dominating the show with his fluent serves and vigorous returns he forced the tennis amateur Basav to run around the corners and tire. Basav learning new lessons from the master retired to submit the second set with 1-6.

Vinod spins into the finals (6-4, 6-4) as Vijesh hobbles on the injured foot

(A Report by N Raghu)…
Two pals walk down and practice tennis leisurely in Blatnik Tennis courts, NO HINTS! They would turn the heats on shortly, clashing in for semi final rounds. Balkishore and Raghu were the officiators of the match. Vinod starts off modestly with a couple of swift serves and get on to a good start of 1-0. Vijesh, suffering the ligament pains, takes on to serve but unable to cross the nets giving away the break points and trailing by 0-2. Vinod skillfully blends his speed with spin and takes advantage of Vijesh's immobility and cuts across a few crucial points to reach 4-2. Although hurt, Vijesh fights back, troubling the nonchalant Vinod by improvising on the returns keeping a long reach on either of his sides, taking the scores to 4-5. Alas! Vijesh, otherwise popularly called the Tennis Numero Uno of the Schenectady's TATA boys, stares at his sick foot over and over again as he kept losing on the tough returns. And, guys! See the sportsman in Vijesh, he declares a game point in Vinod's favor at the blind spot on his side, when both of the officiators were unable to judge. After ceding the first set, Vijesh had a fresh zeal in his play. Vinod could barely see the ball off a couple of Vijesh's superlative aces. The Vijesh's continued setback coupled with Vinod's magnum play brought the second set in favor of the latter at 6-4.

Vinod kaulgud captivates Konkat Srinivas in the opening match of the Tennis tournament 2000 …

(A Report by N Raghu and Vijesh)…
The stage was all set and the opening match of the Tennis tournament was played in the Blatnik Park tennis court between Vinod and Konkat on Tuesday, 15th Aug, a day unblemished by rain. Vijesh Kumar was the officiator of the match. One had a faintest idea of Vinod's tennis experience and skills until his powerful first serve caught Konkat by surprise. Konkat then started his first serve with the scores at 0-1. Konkat's consistently accurate serves grabbed the attention and were a splendid show for a real tennis novice with 2 months of practice. Vinod was feeling the pain in his heels when Konkat drained some of his vital energy with 5 deuce counts before giving up the second game at 0-2. Then forth elegance flew from Vinod's court with his myriad magical spins and a couple of unparalleled aces. Konkat marveled when he chased and returned some of the impossible balls and forced a few emotional outbursts out of Vinod's lungs by trapping him in the corner on the other side. Vinod comfortably moves into the second round with his 6-0 win.

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