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Who's In ?......

Venkatesh Yenugula, who hails from 'East' Godawari landed recently in 'East' Hillcrest. This cool chap, nicknamed Venki/Venkat/Bumchic, is assigned for the GE-CBD Systems Project. He can be reached at office Ph:388-7761. This guy tries his hand in every game and is presently busy in comparing the natural European beauty of Holland with the American rustic beauty in Schenectady, NY. (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Sujan and Namita Vinayakan are showing the TCS flag at Hampshire House. We wish the new couple (married 4 months ago) the best as they discover Schenectady and each other. Sujan has joined STAP, after prior stints in California, Indiana and Chennai (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Venkat Ram Reddy ( of Seepz Mumbai via Cincinatti) has recently joined us along with his betterhalf Anuradha . You can capture the instant friendship of this cool & calm chap, by bringing chicken masala to his housewarming ceremony (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Ms. Madhavi from Hyderabad TCS branch, has joined us in Schenectady, to celebrate her 'Bi-Anniversary in TCS' on Aug 13 th '2000. This 'Gifted-Singer' has proved herself as a very 'Efficient Programmer' in GADP team, within a very short span, when she got a flurry of praises from Mike. She surprised the whole crowd, when she won the gold medal in "Marble Spoon, Thread & Needle' game, during this Picnic'2000. Just to prove to the world that, she hails from 'WEST' Godavari, she had recently moved to 'WEST' of Hillcrest from the 'EAST' of Hillcrest. (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Chakravarthy Komarvolu( alias 'sakatakata')) from TCS Dehli branch has joined in STAP group. This chap, having his master's from IISc B'lore & graduation from Osmania University, is sharing his flat with Jupalli. His earlier nickname 'Chakri' has been replaced with a brand new nickname 'sakatakata' by Ivette. This 'Born-Orator' is now testing his driving skills on his new car. (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Who'zzz OUT?.....

The most sportive and dynamic girl Manikodi Rathanum (also called "Ms Double Gem", as the words in her name "Mani" and "Rathan", both mean "Gem"), who was busy all these days, in selling her car and other stuffes, has once again become busy in transferring her knowledge to Sujan and in buying gifts & packing her luggage's. We will be missing this 'Friendly-Girl' , who used to fill a lot of fun, just by her presence!(Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Karthik (STAP), the Coordinator of Cricket tournament and member of Organizing Committee is going for vacation to India soon. Lot of credit should go to this guy, for conducting the Cricket Tournament in a very systematic way. He is a good player of Cricket, Soccer, Carrom etc.(Updated on Sep 14 2000)

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