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Who's In ?......

Mr. K S Ravikumar has joined the Datawarehouse team in CRD on 2nd October. He was earlier in Seepz and has worked in Delhi and Bangalore too. With is vast experience in database modeling and java, he is surely going to be a boost to the project. He is currently staying with Tapan das in Apt# 5 B4. (Updated on Oct' 13, 2000)

Venkatesh Yenugula, who hails from 'East' Godawari landed recently in 'East' Hillcrest. This cool chap, nicknamed Venki/Venkat/Bumchic, is assigned for the GE-CBD Systems Project. He can be reached at office Ph:388-7761. This guy tries his hand in every game and is presently busy in comparing the natural European beauty of Holland with the American rustic beauty in Schenectady, NY. (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Sujan and Namita Vinayakan are showing the TCS flag at Hampshire House. We wish the new couple (married 4 months ago) the best as they discover Schenectady and each other. Sujan has joined STAP, after prior stints in California, Indiana and Chennai (Updated on Sep 14 2000)

Venkat Ram Reddy ( of Seepz Mumbai via Cincinatti) has recently joined us along with his betterhalf Anuradha . You can capture the instant friendship of this cool & calm chap, by bringing chicken masala to his housewarming ceremony (Updated on Sep 14 2000)


Who'zzz OUT?.....

Mr. Sreenivasan Nataraja is being relocated to GE Medical Systems in Waukesha Wisconsin from his current project in CRD. Sreenivasan completed his 1 year tenure in CRD last friday as the project manager. He will be leaving Schenectady on 21st October. Our best wishes are with him. !(by Aashis; Updated on Oct'13 2000)

Somina Sharma : Being a synonym of 'Enthusiasm', no wonder he is one of the most popular guy in our community. Nicknamed as Ranatunga by Basav, he is a versatile personality and is blessed with a great ability of speaking about anything, any time. This 'born-singer' has mesmerized the crowd with his songs in Picnic'2000 and Diwali'2000. Our community simply cannot forget his contributions during this Picnic'2000, though he was not a member of org committee. He was awarded with the 'Best Umpire of Tournaments'2000'.

The skit " PICNIC'2000", the brain child of this drama-master could not materialize due to lack of acters and time. Nevertheless, the hidden ACTOR within him came to light during the super hit skit "East or West". He never sings without a mike in his hand and gave a shock to the audience by his magic of converting a paper into mike in no time. It's because of his relentless efforts, that we had the golden opportunity of enjoying the outside talents like Shaker Das.

Guys, Be careful, before giving your car to him, even by chance!. There are as many interesting stories about his car, as are with this glamorous guy. Once, he went out with his car and came back home in a taxi, by selling his car in less than 30 minutes, for $1700. We wish this IITian a great time in India, with his wife.(by Basav)

NRA Prasad: He is the man who expanded GADP team in three folds, firstly in numbers from 2 to 18 guys, secondly in variety of projects from its routine GADP work to Generator Website and eDRB (today's hotcake E-Matrix), and thirdly, from onsite team to offshore team. He is very calm, cool and composed in his behaviour, but extremely aggressive at his work.

NRA (popularly called) is a role model as a PL and has versatile technical skill sets in s/w 's like Fortran, Sybase, C, UNIX or even the hot fields like JSP, Servlet Programming. Team members are really fortunate to work with him, as he goes down to the deepest technical problem and helps them to solve them.

"Prasad puts his hand on everything. He works 7 days a week, along with his terrific team"--- these comments made by Mike Tomsho to Tom Wagner, GM, Generator Tech Dept, summarize everything about NRA. Even after going to India, NRA is going to have sleepless nights with unofficial telecoms with Mike Tomsho and his E-matrix team here. He is a very good sportsman. He has won many awards/prizes in TT, Carrom and Volleyball. The match between Aashish & NRA is rated as one of the best matches of the Carrom Tournaments'2000.

His wife Dr. Vasumathi Prasad took care of the social-health of our community apart from taking care the health of NRA and her kids Niranjani and Nivedita. She is very dynamic, talented, and obviously was, our first choice for the 'Chief-Editor' post of 'Ladies-Corner' of our website. She is the lady behind the Fancy Dress competition in this Diwali'2000. She displayed exemplary character, when she volunterily took the responsibility of preparing the poories, which were supposed to be prepared by bachelors.

Niranjani (4th grade) is like an elder sister to all kids, and always motivated all kids to take part in cultural events and sports. Nivedita ( pre-school) is laconic, like her dad and played SHAKTHI role in Fancy dress. Nivedita is nicknamed as 'Bunny-Rabbit', whereas Niranjani is nicknamed as 'Princess' by Ivette. We wish this family a great time in India. (by Basav)

Click here to visit the wonderful Photo Gallery of NRA


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