Devic and Cosmic essences 7
F39.  Orsasjö/artistic intuition From the Swedish forest and lakes comes the opening for artistic intuition. Allow the magic to happen.

F40 Svartifoss. Made 21st June 2002

With it comes an energy of a tree in full blossom. (Most likely the sorbus at Sandfell), it radiates sacred energy. The tree brings back to us parts of our consciousness that has been lost, old wisdom that has departed by traumatic experience. It affects the nerve system as well as the circulation of blood.
There is a very powerful being of love with it.

The essence holds very soft energy and all the beings in Vatnajokull and surroundings.
It triggers and opens up closed doors. The essence also holds all the elements and their ability and power. The over lightening deva of the Glacier has also given its energy to the
essence and a gift from mother earth.

This energy warms up cold and locked away feelings, emotions and opens
again up for the love (unconditional).

It will be used in a new series of sprays that I will put
together in coming days and weeks.

F41 Krýsuvik
This essence works on karmic clearing, enhances absorption of minerals. Works against negative side effects of psychotic medication. Balances the brain.
It centeres the mental body and enhances mental work.

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