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Devic and cosmic essences 4
F15. Arcturians: The energy of the Arcturians that comes through our small smokey quarz skull has a very powerful effect on opening the heartchakra. It energizes the lightbody and the physical body. The Arcturians are very loving beings that can help us build the lightquotiant of our spiritual bodies.

F16 Borre, Norway: Cleanses emotional and mental blockages in the meridians. Works from ovaris down to the big toe.  Cleanses fear.
This should not be used by menstruating or pregnant women.
Borre, Vestfold is one of the oldest settlements in Norway after iceage.  There have been found many graves from the time of vikings.  For us it has a very magnetic effect and is one of the places in Norway that we have visited most often.

F17 Holy grail : Its vibration is elevating and works on the higher chakras from the heart through the 8th and 12th  chakra that is where your higher self and I am presence reside.  It opens up for communication and higher connection. It also clears betrayal issues.
The magical place of Tintagle, Cornwall, England is the origin of this vibration.  It is the birthplace of King Arthur and Merlins cave can be found there as well.

F18. Bartek, the oak: The soft vibrations of this 1000 year old oaktree in Poland helps you center through the higher chakras. It is very good for meditation and also for people that are out of balance after a trauma.
You can also vow on the spirit of the tree for healing or assistance in your life.

F19. Three Corunas: Focus, concentration. Good to use when you have to focus on a special task or at resolving a problem.The energies of Michael, Mary and Buddha come with this essence. It is good for people who are recovering from difficult sickness. This is also accompanied with a powerful Deva from the mountain.

The vibration from the Pieniny mountains and national park in Southern Poland.

F20. Holy Cross Mt: Be careful not to take more then 1 drop of this essence since it is very powerful.  More could give you a headache.
It works with the 4th and 5th chakra to connect the two. Also good to go within and help you accept feelings, images or thoughts that you are getting.

Holy Cross Mt in Poland is a sacred site where can be found a stone circle. This is an old Pagan site as well as a place of a convent.  A piece of the holy cross is kept there.

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