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Devic and cosmic essences 3
Gullfoss the golden waterfall
F9. Elements. The wind (air), the fire, the water, the ice and the earth have come together to assist you in connecting with beings of this earth that never dreamd of working with humans before.

They can bring your message to far a way places, to deep inside the earth or out in the sky. Use it in your meditation or in your earthwork.
This as well is good to use in a spray form.

Relationship with the elements is one of the cornerstones for our spiraling evolution according to Hathor material by Tom Kenyon.
So with all the elements it is cleansing, purifying, grounding etc.
It was on the evening of 27th February , 2000 that we were given this magnificent, powerful energy.  We had been teaching in a small village of Westfjord, Island for 4 days and this evening the storm was raging outside the house.  It was the worst storm of the winter and there were many.  It was not only a storm but a blizzard with heavy snowfall and our most active volcano Hekla had started erupting the day before.  During the night  there were many  snow-avalanches falling near by.

F10. Grand alignment. The main theme of the grand alignment of 5th May 2000 when the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn found themselves together in Taurus is that spirit expresses itself as matter.  So it is uniting our spiritual and material life or realising that we are spirits living in physical body. This vibration helps us get a new understanding by breaking up old thoughtpatterns.  It connects spirit and matter in harmony and balance.  It also connects us to the energy of the planets involved and also their Universal knowledge.  Using this essence will ease your way into higher 4D reality. As the energy on our planet will rise so will the magnitude and power of this alignment.

We can also help our fellow earth beings inside the earth and Gaia when doing earthwork. We can put a drop of essence on the crystals we work with in the mandala and ask the devas or keepers of the area to receive this energy.  We can also use the essence on etheric crystals that we put down in the same way as we do them, holographically.

The energy of this essence is deep blue-violet.

We made the essence while teaching Shamballa MD healing in Dalvik, Eyjafjordur on May 5th 2000.  AA Michael helped us with collecting the energy from all the planets, the sun and the moon and direct it into our bottle.  We also invided the devas, alves and fairies of the area to be part of this and so they are.

F11. Deva of the North-Namafjall: Helps us work with the femininity and sexuality to celebrate life. Also to work with the feminie creativity. Good for both man and woman.
"It also works on tissue regeneration,esp.burns. Cleansing of scalp, skin, intestinal tract toxins; stimulates natural flora in intestines. Regeneration of skeletal structure (esp. vertebrae and tooth enamel). Can help increase clairvoyance, telepathy, receptivity to healing. All meridians and nadis strengthened; solar plexus chakra opened; etheric and emotional bodies aligned. Anxiety eased.
Strengthens neurological tissue, esp. in brain brings one to the threshold of spiritual illumination; transforms the intellectual into the philosopher, brings the philosopher to more spiritual realms. Eases depression."
The overlightening deva of the north part of Iceland is a very bright light being that can aid you in your healing work just as the Ascended masters do. 

F 12. Geysir: A very grounding effect.  Like exploison. 
Geysir is the old and famous hot spring in Iceland. It stopped almost erupting early this century but after last big earthquake in Iceland summer 2000 it has become active again.

F13. Gullfoss:(see picture) Spiral effect on the 2nd and 3rd chakra. Very calming for the emotional chakra and stress releasing.
Gullfoss is the most famous and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.

F14. Earthquake: This feminine, mother energy helps you expand out from the heart.  It allows you more space.  It is very useful to help in seperation without pain from things, attitudes, beings or happenings.
Good for those that are going through divorce, change in relationship, change of work, moving etc.

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