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Picnic 2000

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Date: Saturday, August 26, 2000 ( 10 am to 7 am)
Venue: Thompson's Lake State Park,
68 Thompson's Lake Road
East Berne, NY 12059

Learn more about Thompson's Lake State Park

We hope everyone is as excited about the TCS Picnic as we are ...

The weather forecast calls for a hot, humid day, so we recommend T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. You might also want to leave a light jacket or umbrella in the car just in case it rains (a slight chance)

Entry Fee/car is $6. Please do ask for and hold on to the receipt as it is essential for your later reimbursement. Please carpool wherever possible/convenient.

Click here for printable Road map from Hillcrest to Thompson's park (prepared by Raghu)

Tentative Schedule of activities on Picnic Day

9 AM - 9.30 AM Depart your homes (Driving Directions)
10 AM -11 AM Music/Dance
11 AM - 12 noon Volleyball finals b/w Indian Matadors V/s Niskayuna Barbarians
12 noon- 1 PM Boating/Swimming/etc..
2.30 PM - 3 PM Spoon & Lemon race and Games for kids
3 PM Miss the Kiss
3.30 PM Thread & Needle (Ladies)
4 PM Brick race
4.30 PM "Paperwork" (Couples)
5 PM Three legged race (Couples)
5.30 PM Prize distribution ceremony/Group photographs
6 PM - End of Day Dumb Charades/TDH/Antakshari etc.,


Lunch is catered by Sitar; the menu is:

Vegetarian Items Non-Vegetarian Items Limited
Peas Pulao Chicken Tikka Naan
Aloo Palak Tandoori Chicken Gulaab Jamun
Gobi Mattar    
Channa Masaala    

Soda and Beers will be served at all times...

Note: Bring along a ball, frisbee or camera, for the morning session, where you may choose to participate or watch the sports, or go hiking, swimming or boating, if you'd prefer. (Bring along a change of clothing for swimming. The swimming/boating area is open from 10am to 6pm; boat rentals are $5/hr or $20/day. Note:TCS will not reimburse for boat rentals). We request everybody to meet at the picnic table area for lunch and for the after-lunch activities.


Be there to have a lot of fun, food and drinks!!!

Organizing Committee:
Anil, Ron(anil.ron@ps.ge.com, 8*235 7701 , 518 385 7701)
Vinod, Kaulgud (vinod.kaulgud@ps.ge.com 5*9719 372-2799)
Basavaraj, Benki (basavaraj.benki@ps.ge.com 5*9703 382-8059)
Srinivas, Konkata (srinivas.konkata@ps.ge.com 5*3697 374-0538)
Barath Sundar (barath.sundar@ps.ge.com 5*7544 381-1052)
Karthikeyan, Natesan (karthikeyan.natesan@ps.ge.com 5*5512 377-8452 )
Aashis. Mirji. (CR&D-Representative)
Chandrashekar. Rao (CORPORATE Representative)

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