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Building Representatives

Given below is the list of Building Reps along with your details.

Please contribute $15 per earning member to your Building Reps towards our 'Community Fund' .

Building Name of
Ph Num E-mail
Bldg. 53 Ganesh, T 385-7828
Bldg. 273
1st and 2nd floor Kannan S 385-5962
3rd floor Karthikeyan. N 385-5512
Bldg. 40
4th and 5th floor Tapan 385-0085
3rd floor Atlur nagraj 385-7129
1st and 2nd floor Shraban Nayak 385-0487
Bldg. 81 Durgaprasad 385-0540
Corporate Venkatesh 564-7761
CR & D Sarath Babu 387-4085

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