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Let us all maintain the enthusiasm and spirit for this summer by participating in various games.
We shall start our TATA tournaments of this year, which is a precursor to the Picnic-2001. There will be lot of other tournaments to be organized by many organizers and announcements would soon be made on the Web.

Initial set of games would comprise of the favorites like Cricket, Throw Ball and Carrom. Don't get surprised, for, even lady folks are included in most of the tournament games.

Cricket - Oganizers Karthik, Azad and Vanitha
Throw Ball - Padmaja and Lavanya
Carrom - Manga, Konkat and Sridhar

The participants hereby are invited from GE-PS, GE-CR&D and the GE-Corporate divisions.

We request all the participants to enroll their entries over telephone.

Please avoid sending individual emails to the organizers as it would increase the network traffic. The phone numbers and the email ids are given below.

Karthik - 385 5512 -
Azad - 385 3756 -
Vanitha - 385 0896 -
Padmaja - 385 0922 -
Lavanya - 395-9079 -
Manga - 385 3765 -
Konkat - 385 3697 -
Sridhar - 385 2227 -

Cricket: Please form your own teams upto a maximum of eight players in each team. Even otherwise send us your individual entries and we will form the teams for you. And, decide and suggest your team name too.

Carrom: Please sendout your entries for a) the Singles, b)the Doubles and c) Mixed Doubles.

Throw-Ball: Participations are invited from both the men and women folks. Teams will be formed, based on the number of entries received.

Please send your emails on or before 5.30pm, 08th June 2001.

The final team names, dates, time, venue, rules and the regulations will be announced later. We expect your co-operation and early response in this regard.

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