World Peace and the Healing of Mother Earth and Humanity in a Turbulent Time
By Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir of Mosfellsbaer, Iceland

(Written March 30th 2003 while the Iraqi war and peace rallies are held daily around the world.)

A few days ago my son asked me what I thought about the war in Iraq. He then said, “Mom! A man comes up to you on the street all blue and swollen in the face. You ask him what happened. He answers: ‘I was beaten by a pacifist.’ Where is the true peace and love then?”

Everyday, news clips from peace rallies and demonstrations flow through our media into the living room. Some are silent and peaceful and others show incredible anger against world leaders and nations. Hatred, anger, sorrow, despair finds its way out to the surface.

All these emotions go straight to the Christ consciousness grid that surrounds the Earth and affects all living beings on the Earth. The earth filters as well much of this as she has done since the beginning. You may look at the Earth just like our physical body. We eat and the food goes through our digestive system where the nourishment is absorbed. If we consume a lot of toxic or unhealthy food our body ends up being full of toxins and our bowel fills up. Our energy level goes down and diseases manifest. This also applies to emotions. Love is cleansing and builds up while sorrow, hatred, anger etc destroys and blocks.

This is the same with the Earth. She gets part of her energy from us whatever that energy is. In past decade many lightworkers around the world have done a tremendous job to help the earth clean her self from accumulated emotional human garbage. Her energy system has strengthened and many new gridlines in many dimensions have manifested on earth in recent years. The frequency of the Earth is rising fast.

Today there is a lot of turbulent flow on earth with destructive bombs falling everyday, disturbing the energy gridlines in that area. This is affecting all life. That is why it is so important that lightworkers connect with the Source and allow the love to flow to Earth in accordance with the Divine will. It is important not to judge, see the good in all beings and know that all is according to Plan. Our work matters, it is essential. Each small prayer, each word, each thought has effect.

This morning I was shown part of the huge work that is going on in many dimensions at this moment and how the LOVE we are channeling is working.

I felt my self floating up from Earth and into a huge lightship that was above Iraq. It was Andromedan ship but only a part of a bigger fleet. On one screen I could see many small ships travel the gridlines to keep the energy flowing while the grids were being repaired. This is a never ending work since bombs are falling everyday, destroying more, twisting and turning and scattering the energy lines. Many lightworkers were working on this subject.

On another screen I could see the thoughts and emotions of men rise up like clouds towards the Christ consciousness grids. From the Arab countries they were rather dark and solid. On the Christ consciousness grid they were met by light, white and golden clouds, uniting like plus and minus becoming zero. These light clouds were all the prayers of true peace and LOVE that men and lightworkers around the world are sending out each day while the darker ones are anger, hatred, sorrow, disappointment and judgement. To help out, Archangel Michael was there with his crew. The dark clouds did not only come from Arab countries but from around the world where we have allowed the animal self or our first three chakras (the emotional ones) to take control over the higher heart. These thoughts are turned not only against individuals but also nations. They can filtrate into the energy field of the beings and cloud their connection with their Godself making it difficult for them to make a decision from the heart rather then their clouded mind. That is why it is so important to not look at Saddam, Bush, Blair or other leaders ever as a tool of evilness or stupidity, etc. but to see the divine within each of them.

On the third screen I saw portals into the earth where lightworkers were helping Gaia to release tension. Gaia is also releasing tension through movements in the crust (earthquakes), volcanic eruptions, avalanche, storms etc. These movements are much less because of the great work the lightworkers do. These portals are spread around the globe.        

I asked if there was anything more I could do to help. (I know I am up in one of the ships every night while my physical body is resting). Two years ago I was blessed with a gift from Gaia and my team in the form of an essence blend I call Earthworker.  It transmutes all discordant energy into light and love. I called on my team (angels, lightbeings, divas, naturespirits and Gaia) and asked permission to bath the Earth in this essence. It was as if I was putting the globe into a bathtub full of Earthworker. Can you imagine the relief she felt as tension and energy was released?

Next I saw myself uniting with my other half, being in complete balance of yin and yang, just one being full of LOVE, expanding the consciousness, becoming the whole Universe. Since the earth is part of the Universe she was part of me and I was part of her as we always are, filling her with the Love of Source.

Lets keep on doing the marvelous job we are each day. Every second of Loving thoughts count. Sending love to the places and beings you see on TV or hear about  on the radio or even read about on the computer.

Peace begins within YOU.

With mahatma love and light
Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir

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Thoughts about world peace and healing of earth
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