Daniel's Sports Page

Daniel’s Sports Page


I would like to make it perfectly clear that I like sport. Sport, to me, is an art. It's a chance to show how creative a person can be in a particular situation. Not for me to worship at the altar of victory, or kiss the feet of the gods of pragmatism. No sir! The purpose of sport is to experience the extraordinary.


Oh sure, wins will occur when the opposition have spent the night before on the piss, and improvement will come if you are prepared to turn a fun activity into a chore, but to feel the exhilaration of a spontaneous piece of genius, both during the act and in the afterglow, this, truly, is sport's contribution to the human experience!


I will watch any sport played skilfully and creatively, but my favourites are: cricket; rugby union; football (soccer); rugby league; and tennis.


Below is some stuff I have written on the theme of one sport or another:




Raindancers Cricket Team

          a team made up of my favourite cricketers

Daniel’s Test Teams by Nation

          Test cricket teams chosen according to players’ nations

Daniel’s Test Teams by Alphabet

          Test cricket teams chosen according to players’ family names

Really Pointless Cricket Teams

          Test cricket teams chosen according to pretty well anything

The Ultimate Aussie Musicians XI

humorous article in which a cricket team is named made up of popular Australian musicians

The Greatest Ever Ashes XIs

fantasy Test match teams and commentary which were partially published in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail

Fanie and the Bushfire

          my account of the 1994 Test in Sydney between Australia and South Africa




Raindancers Football Team

          a team made up of my favourite footballers


Rugby League


Raindancers Rugby League Team

          a team made up of my favourite rugby league players

Regarding the State of Origin

in which Daniel names 'greatest ever' Origin teams and recounts his boyhood memories of this rugby league series.


Rugby Union


Raindancers Rugby Union Team

          a team made up of my favourite rugby players




Daniel's favourite sporting teams

Daniel’s page of sporting masters (the greatest players in various sports)



My major current sporting affiliation is with the St Bartholomew's Bunyips in the Queensland Churches Cricket competition. I have developed the unofficial home page for the team, Bodgy Green, which can be linked to from here.



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