Daniel's Favourite Sporting Teams

Danielís Favourite Sporting Teams

So, if you've come to a page as overtly self-indulgent as this, you're possibly thinking right now, "This Daniel guy is so cool, I just have to follow his favourite sporting teams and I'll be as cool as him." If you are thinking exactly this, my mother is a counsellor and she knows plenty of people who you can see to build up your non-existent self-esteem. Anyway, here is a list of some of my favourite sporting teams throughout the world:


-         Cricket: County Championship: Gloucestershire

-         Cricket: Queensland Churches: St Bartholomew's Bunyips

-         Cricket: Newcastle: Hamilton-Wickham

-         Football: Australia: Newcastle Jets

-         Football: Austria: Rapid Vienna

-         Football: Belgium: Club Brugge

-         Football: Czech Republic: Bohemians Prague

-         Football: England: Everton

-         Football: Finland: FC Jazz

-         Football: France: Montpellier

-         Football: Hungary: Szeged SC

-         Football: Italy: Bari

-         Football: Poland: Wisla Krakow

-         Football: Romania: Universitatea Craiova

-         Football: Scotland: Heart of Midlothian

-         Football: Spain: Sevilla

-         Football: International: Australia, Poland, Sweden

-         Rugby: International: Australia

-         League: NRL: Newcastle Knights

-         Australian Rules: AFL: Essendon


So, there you have it. Some teams chosen for their flair, some for their demeanour, some for the attitude, and some apparently arbitrarily.


Follow these teams and be guaranteed pain, heartache, frustration and lots of fun!



And now, for some more fun:

Danielís Least Favourite Sporting Teams

Now, if you want to be REALLY co-dep... I mean, cool, you can attach yourselves to these prejudices as well!


-         Football: England: Arsenal; Liverpool; Manchester United; Millwall; Preston North End; Tranmere Rovers

-         Football: Italy: AC Milan; Juventus; Lazio

-         Football: Spain: Real Betis; Real Sociedad

-         Football: International: Iran; Ireland; Uruguay

-         Rugby: Brisbane: Brothers

-         Rugby League: NRL: Canterbury Bulldogs; Sydney Roosters


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