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Auric clearings
We are honored to be able to offer you Auric clearing session as taught  by Carol Hathor.
Price for an auric clearing session is $75 or 6000 Isl kronas.

In the past 2 years we have done around 100 clearings with amazing results.

"I have felt you working on me with a team last evening. I had realy problems with Anahata (heart) and Vishuddha (throat) and Swadistana (genitals). I had a big pression on solar plexus but all the time somebody told me: ''Don't worry, it is just clearing''. After a while I felt OK. I mean in peace and harmony. The most interesting thing is that today I had realised the presence of Metatron with a message about Christ consciousness and about the road back to home. O, my God, I have missed so much the Christ consciousness.
      With me you did a great job. I have asked this for a long time.
      God bless you with His Grace, thank you"

"My family is much better now because of your help." ID Romania

" the energy work you have done for me is starting to work thro' and
I am feeling clearer everyday, not so many demons to slay every day." SK. England

Others that have commented all say similar things, they feel a relief, more energy and positive changes in their energy field.

Sometimes the changes are not felt until many weeks or even months later as the work is done as fast as the person can handle or in accordance with her I am .

Some sense it in the dreams they have. It may affects their relationship, attitude etc.

Sometimes people have special wishes or things they would like to address and then we pay special attention to that.

What we have also noticed is that when we do auric clearing for our students before we attune them to higher vibrations like Shamballa MD. it helps them go smoothly through all the energy changes and  process much less.

About SoulWisdom's Auric Clearing:

       Physics has discovered that we live in a holographic universe. 
body is a physical manifestation of holographic patterning according to
DNA,  which encodes not only physical attributes, but attitudes,
and emotions from all seven levels of awareness as recorded by the soul
imprinted on all the seven subtle bodies, including the physical body
person's physical body and experience of life (a person's reality) has
basis in holographically recorded attitudes, beliefs and emotions
these are the magnetic forces that attract and repel potential
relationships to others, and shape our world view.   By removing
blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies
which represent thousands of years of unconsciously held beliefs,
decisions, and attitudes-- a person's life begins to change and bloom.

If you decide to have Soulwisdom auric clearing you will have a very powerful session in which major blockages in
subtle bodies will be removed.  We at SoulWisdom salute you for your
mind, your advanced thinking, that may lead you to greater freedom and
accelerated evolution of your life.

We begin the session with the re-attachment of the "Soul Self to Self"
cord.  It is a holographic
filament cord that infuses into the pranic tube, connecting the soul
to God-Force, to Source, if you will.  Many of us decided in long ago
lifetimes to not have a relationship with our True Self, or GodSelf,
many reasons.  In experiencing the human drama for eons, most of us
to not have a relationship with ourselves due to traumatic events.

We will absolve all of the contractual agreements that you made to stop
being in
relation to your Soul Self.  When these blockages are removed, your
Godself spontaneously re-attaches the Soul Self to Self cord.  This is
first procedure of the session because it strengthens life force in the
body and adds greater cohesion between all seven subtle bodies.


We scan the Light Body in a systematic way, identifying Hidden and
Occupants and all lesser-thoughtforms associated with them, removing
as we go.  An Occupant is a thoughtform that thinks it owns the body,
is hindering a person's evolution.  These are thoughtforms that can
sometimes have very strong magnetic fields that attract undesirable
experiences and relationships.  These are the top-priority removals, as
Occupants interfere with an otherwise unhindered flow of experience. 
often enter a chakra (seal) of the body during periods of illness,
or stress. We scan for them beginning at birth, scanning and removing
through age 18, one year at a time.

   With the occupants gone, you will likely notice feelings of greater peace and calm, and
you'll notice that things and circumstances in your life begin to flow more
harmoniously with your soul's agenda. After a year from the clearing, this will become

Portals and Micro Black Hole

We then check for portals, which are openings in one or more chakras
act as "vacuums" for other peoples' adverse thoughtforms.  We find them
people who wish to heal the pain and suffering of others (consciously
unconsciously) by taking upon themselves other peoples' burdens --
undesirable thoughtforms generated by discordant emotions.  Portals
the potential to cause health problems and emotional trauma.  We close
portals, where found, and transmute all contracts, entities, implants,
etc.,  related to them.  We also transmute Micro Black Holes, which are
similar.  They magnetize other peoples' thoughtforms to them, but look
clairvoyantly like very dense black specks.

With these gone, you won't be magnetizing the
thoughtforms that they tend to attract.  :)


We also remove and transmute wormholes, which are energy tunnels that
siphon a person's life force into old karmic contracts and alliances of
past.  The person's soul energy is retrieved when the wormholes and
contracts are transmuted.

When any removal has been completed, soul fragments emerge to be
and reintegrated into the light body.  Soul energy is used as the
source of the configurations and contracts, and because we have given
energy to these things, when attachments are removed and contracts are
absolved, the soul energy reintegrates into the light body
Very wonderful, wouldn't you say?  It shows up as beautiful
colors in orbs around a person's auric field during the sessions as it
integrates.  As a result, you may be having more energy.

Soul Family Member

The soul family member is a soul that we love so much that we want them
to be with us in the same body.  This is not wise, however -- it's like
finding someone to hold hands with at your ascension.  Ascension and
Evolution are personal, individualistic.  One cannot achieve these
for another.  Also, a soul family member can cause implant removals to
regenerate because of their attitudes.  The goal of any auric clearing
should be sovereignty in the body.

We summon the soul family member and remove any attachments from that
being, and then explain to them that it's time for the person to be
sovereign in their body, and that they may go to the Other Side, where
there is great love and beauty, and decide for themselves whether they
would like to incarnate or not.  They actually appreciate this choice
much, and leave easily.  It's best to release everyone to their own
karma or soul agenda anyway, nes ce pas?

During the session and particularly at the end, when everything is
and nothing else is activated, we bring in holograms to create healing
integrating energies wherever needed, from the subatomic level to the
dimensional levels.  We ask for New Templates that are appropriate for
person's Light Body, re-integrate all splintered soul-selves, align
meridians, balance Light Body components (chakras too).  We ask for
Light implants to replace the magnetic anchors and attachments,
re-attach any soul-to-self cords that can be reintegrated, clear ALL
Pathways of residual energies that need to leave.  A LOT goes on during
final restructuring phase of a clearing.  This all happens with
speed.  Swirls of color, both large streaks and infinitely small sacred
geometric rainbow forms enter all the cells, just all kinds of
You will be ~~glowing~~!

After such a clearing we ask our client to accept this healing.  Love themselves with *all their might*.  To pull
energy in
from all sides and feel the manifestation of the healing that has
  This healing  occurrs on many levels.  Totally relax
allow the transmutational energies of your blue one to Love you and
transform you.  Don't you doubt yourself…you can do anything!  You are
transforming into your highest ideal of yourself.  You can see this as
holographic pattern in every cell of your body.  Breath the blue one
into the cells and accept the transformation that is happening.  You
are a
grand entity, and preciously loved!  Love yourself as your GodSelf

With Mahatma love and blessings

Lilja Petra Ásgeirsdóttir and Erlendur Magnús Magnússon Soulwisdom energy transformation practitioners. email: or

Below are aftersession instruction that we give to people that have an auric clearing.


You've released very deep layers of old emotional pain, and so much
came off
that you may be a bit uncomfortable for a few days.  You may even have
"divine fever".  That is when your body temperature goes up and your
feels warm to the touch, as if you have a low-grade fever.  This is a
that your Light Body is "burning off" old emotional trauma, old
old contracts.  It means also that the brain is opening to greater
greater creativity, greater peace and happiness.  Divine fever is a
good sign that the session was indeed very effective.

You've had major "psyche surgery" today -- you may feel very different,
your psyche and unconscious adjusts to the removals of old pain and
trauma.  You may have strange dreams, sometimes unsettling or very
dreams.  Don't place significance on these dreams or try to analyze
them.  Please remember this is the processing and letting go of
and painful issues that were unresolved in your unconscious. This is a
natural process of letting go, so please let go.  Analyzing would be
"holding on". In a few days you are going to be feeling very much
better.  You'll feel a lightness that you may not have felt in many
lifetimes regarding the issues addressed in your session because the
or unresolved traumas are often centuries old.  This session has
thousands of years of limiting considerations, beliefs, ideas.

If you feel to eat sweets or salt, please do so.  It's the Light Body
balancing itself through your physical vehicle (body) which needs very
physical types of nutrients.  Salt and sugar in particular help the
after a session.  And please drink more water.  Water is "conduit
material", and it is so important to be fully hydrated.

I would like for you to summon your "Blue Self" if you have any
integrating the session. Activating your "Blue Body", your fourth-level
Self, integrates everything from the session, and perfects the body
according to your DNA!!  Imagine you are liquefying in a Blue Bubble of
Light.  Call forth the template of your GodSelf to integrate with you
bring all of your energies into alignment with your highest path.  With
practice, you will actually look different to yourself in the mirror,
your Blue One perfects your body more and more.  Please practice this
daily, before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up.  You
find that you sleep better and have more energy to start the day with!

One thing that we recommend doing for yourself is to properly nourish
body with a few key things.  Please start taking Klamath Lake Blue
Algae to get trace minerals along with key amino acids into your
It is also very important to have calcium in abundance in your body.
Calcium supplements have very poor bio-availability.  A much better way
get calcium is by mixing 4 table spoons of Jell-O (called Jelly or Gelatine in some
parts of the world) with hot water and drinking it straight away.  This
the most bio-available form of calcium despite the fact that the box
says it isn't!  Drinking a lot of pure water is also invaluable for
conducting Light energy through your physical body.  If you cover these
bases, the new energies that come in from our energy work will
with much more ease.

In some cases, there is a mild depression as the emotional body adjusts
higher frequencies.  If emotional discomfort persists longer than three
days, or gets too intense for your liking, a very good option is to
your health food store and get a naturopathic remedy for PMS.  (You
guys!) These formulas contain a natural herb called Sepia, which
the emotional body.  Take maximum dosage for three days, then taper
You won't need it longer than seven days, in most cases.

If you are still feeling a significant level of discomfort on the
day after the session, please email us and we will check in on you to
if there is any activation remaining from the session.  This is rare,
this is why we ask our clients to please email us a few days after the
session and let us know how you are doing.

You will notice long-term benefits from this session.  Your future has
changed because it is no longer influenced by these unconscious forces,
your life span may have possibly increased, your life force may
have increased also since these major restrictions to it have been
absolved.  We salute you for having this session done!!

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