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Mine Casemate and Other Structures

The foundation to a garage, along the road from the park entrance.

Foundation of another former structure along the road.

One of four utility poles still remaining along the entrance road.
Although hard to see, note the lamp fixture extending from the pole.

The storage shelter for the searchlights.
A rail track ran from here to the emplacement by the shoreline.

Detail of the rail track remnant leading from the searchlight shelter.

The entrance to the #2 Mine Casemate (1942-1945).
The outer line of the harbor mine field was controlled from here.

Ventilation shafts for the Mine Casemate. They have been sealed up.

The counter-weight to the escape hatch in the air-lock chamber.

Looking up the escape hatch ladder.

An electrical control panel inside the casemate.

The water tank just inside the entrance to the casemate.

Part of the gas-proofing system.

One of the ventilators. See detail below.

Detail of safety instructions for the gas-proofing system.

Detail of further instructions.

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