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Battery Bohlen

Battery Bohlen (1901-1942)
This battery was armed with three 10-inch guns on disappearing carriages,
which once functioned as the harbor's long-range defense.

Battery Bohlen, gun emplacement #3.

Emplacements #2 and #1 of Battery Bohlen.
The lower level of the Battery was filled-in with dirt
in the 1980's by the Kittery Parks Dept.
It was somewhat similar in appearance to Battery Hunter at Fort Stark.

The crow's nest for gun position #1.

The crow's nest for gun position #2.

The crow's nest for gun position #3.

The covered shell hoist platform for gun position #3.
The #4 crow's nest is in the rear of the photo.

The ladder to the #4 crow's nest.

The "Double" Mine Observation Tower (1942-1945), behind Battery Bohlen.
Now public restrooms.
There is no access to the upper floor.

The #1 gun mount for AMTB Battery 952 (1943-1946),
located underneath a pavilion in front of Battery Bohlen.
Armed with two 90mm shielded fixed mount guns.
The bolt pattern is visible around the base of the floor support.
The #2 mount is buried in the brush nearby.

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