Robert Henry Stoll

Robert Henry Stoll
Born: 1852, Sandyston, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Died: probably 1910-13, Morris Co., New Jersey (living in 1910, Ironia)
Parents: Robert John Stoll & Lydia Rutan
Occupations: laborer, Newark trolly car conductor, fruit farmer
Marriage: between 1874-1879, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Wife:  Harriet Ann "Hattie" Snook
Born: 1839, Sussex Co., New Jersey
Died: before 1900, New Jersey
Parents: Peter Snook II  & Jane Kishpaugh
Second Marriage: after 1900, New Jersey
Second Wife: Nellie Lyon?
Born: 1874, Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey
Died: still living, 1910, Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey
Parents: Henry & Caroline Lyon


(Robert H. Stoll & Harriet Ann "Hattie" Snook)

Lydia Jane Stoll

(Robert Henry Stoll & Nellie Lyon?)

Delinda Evelyn Stoll

Born: Sept 8, 1902, Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: Mar., 1984, Morris Plains, Morris Co., New Jersey
Occupation: nurse (nursing student, 1920 census, Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey)
Marriage: unknown
Husband: William M. Lanterman
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Robert Henry Stoll and Harriet Ann Snook were married sometime between 1874, the year Hattie's Bible was printed for her, and 1880, where Robert and Hattie show up in the 1880 census living in Frankford, Sussex County, New Jersey, living with Hattie's oldest brother, Jonas, presumably on what was her father's farm. About a year later their only child, Lydia Jane, was born in Newton, the county seat of Sussex County. Not much is known about them, except between 1881 and 1900, the family moved to Newark, New Jersey, where Robert worked as a trollycar conductor. Also sometime before 1900, Hattie died, but it is unknown if she died in Sussex County or in Newark. Between `1900 and 1902, Robert remarried a member of the Lyon family, possibly Nellie Lyon. A daughter, Delinda Evelyn Stoll was born in Newark in 1902. This marriage apparently did not last, because by the 1910 census, Robert and his eldest daughter, Lydia Jane, moved to Ironia, in Randolph, New Jersey, while Delinda remained in Newark with her mother and grandparents. In Ironia, Robert became a fruit farmer, while Lydia Jane worked in a factory. It is unknown when Robert died, but it may have occurred before Lydia married Norwegian immigrant Sigurd Mander Flornes in 1912. Delinda never had anything to do with the Stoll family, later attending nursing school, and marrying a William M. Lanterman. She lived in the Morristown area until her death in 1984.

Hattie was given a bible in 1874, containing pictures of her family. For more information, click here.

PersonRelationMarital StatusSexRace AgeState of BirthOccupation State Father BornState Mother Born
Jonas Snock Self S Male W 40 NJ Farmer NJ NJ
Robert H. Stoll BroL M Male W 28 NJ Laborer NJ NJ
Hattie A. Stoll Sister M Female W 30 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
Alvin Van Fleet Other S Male W 15 NJ Laborer NJ NJ
Mina Aber Other S Female W 15 NJ Servant NJ NJ

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