Levi Trowbridge

Capt. Thos. Clark's Derby Co.
Continental Army
American Revolutionary War

Levi Trowbridge
Born: May 25, 1753, Oxford, Connecticut
Died: Dec. 14, 1843, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio
Parents: Israel Trowbridge and Mary Johnson
Occupation: farmer
Military Service: Continental Army, Capt. Thomas Clark's Derby company, American Revolutionary War
Marriage: Dec. 29, 1782, Oxford, Connecticut
Wife: Hannah Smith
Born: unknown
Died: unknown


Sarah Trowbridge

Born: Jan 15 1784 in Oxford, Connecticut
Died: unknown

David Trowbridge

Philo Trowbridge

Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Jacob Trowbridge

Chauncey Trowbridge

Born: Mar. 21, 1794, Fair Haven, Rutland, Vermont
Died: July 27 1869, New York
Marriage: Dec. 31,1829, Troy, Rensselaer, New York
Wife: Catherine Fish
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Archibald Trowbridge
Born: Nov.30, 1796, Fair Haven, Rutland, Vermont
Died: unknown

Anna Trowbridge
Born: Dec 7 1798, Fair Haven, Rutland, Vermont.
Died: Mar. 29, 1863, McArthur, Vinton, Ohio

Hannah Pamela Trowbridge.
Born: Jan.15, 1784 Oxford, Connecticut
Died: unknown


Levi Trowbridge enlisted at the outbreak of the Revolution in Capt. Thomas Clark's Derby company, which marched to relieve Boston at the Lexington alarm and was on duty two days. Family tradition credits him with a later enlistment, and says he was taken prisoner with his brother by the British and confined in a prison ship, where both had smallpox, of which his brother died.

After his marriage he settled on a farm in Oxford. He and his wife were admitted members of the Oxford Congregational church April 18, 1784. He followed his father to Fair Haven, Vt., and in August 1786, the latter gave him his "second division lot" lying on the south side of the river. He sold this after his fathers death and went to live on West street in the village. He lived there until the spring of 1810, when he emigrated to Washington county, Ohio, and settled near Marietta. He removed to Ames township, Athens county, in 1820, and in June 1836, to Swan Creek, Ohio township, Gallia county, where he passed the remainder of his life. He was a prosperous farmer and pursued an active life until shortly before death.



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