Jacob Trowbridge

U.S. Army
War of 1812

Jacob Trowbridge
Born: Dec. 25, 1790, Fair Haven, Rutland Co., Vermont.
Died: Apr. 19, 1867, Swan Creek, Gallia, Ohio
Buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Ohio Twp., Gallia Co., Ohio
Parents: Levi Trowbridge & Hannah Smith
Occupation: carpenter
Military Service: ensign, lieutenant, captain, United States Army, War of 1812
First Marriage: 1812, Ohio
First Wife: Sarah Shepard
Born: unknown
Died: before 1824, unknown
Second Marriage: Feb. 29, 1824, Washington Co., Ohio
Second Wife: Mary Polly Boomer
Born: May 7, 1804, Fall River, Bristol Co., Massachusetts
Died: Oct. 16, 1865, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio


(Jacob Trowbridge & Sarah Shepherd)

Levi Trowbridge

Born: Apr. 18, 1814, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Harriet Ward Trowbridge
Born: Apr. 13, 1816, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Eleanor (Ellen) Trowbridge
Born: Nov. 1, 1818, Marietta, Ohio
Died: July 4, 1904, St. Louis, Missouri
First Marriage: unknown
First Husband: William Edgar Sublette
Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Second Husband: Titan Leeds Kimble
Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Third Marriage: unknown
Third Husband: Richard McGee
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Ferguson Hiland Trowbridge

(Jacob Trowbridge & Mary Polly Boomer)

Lemuel Trowbridge

Born: Sept. 19, 1825, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Eliza Ann Trowbridge

Mary Hope Trowbridge

Born: May 9, 1829, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Ann Trowbridge
Born: Jan.9, 1832, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Isaac Trowbridge
Born: Apr. 3, 1834, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

Amy Trowbridge
Born: Mar. 23, 1836, Marietta, Ohio
Died: unknown

John Trowbridge
Born: July 13, 1838, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio
Died: unknown

Charles Trowbridge
Born: Apr. 29, 1841, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio
Died: unknown

Francis Marion Trowbridge
Born: Feb. 2, 1844, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio
Died: unknown

Elizabeth Clarinda Trowbridge
Born: May 15, 1849, Swan Creek, Gallia Co., Ohio
Died: unknown



Jacob Trowbridge was a carpenter by trade. He was the first of his family to emigrate to Ohio, going there in 1806 with a man named Carver and building a flour mill in Marietta. He then went to Cincinnati where he is said to have helped build the first mill and to have helped erect and start the first steam engine west of the Ohio. He enlisted in the Army in the War of 1812 and was the first to receive a commission signed by Gov. Meigs of Ohio. He was an Ensign, Lieutenant and for a short time a Captain. He was taken prisoner at General Hull's surrender of Detroit and was so angered by it that he drove his sword into the ground and broke it off at the hilt. He participated in the battles of Chippawa, Lundy's Lane and New Orleans. After his marriage, he settled on a farm in Washington Co. until 1836 when he removed to a farm in Swan Creek, Gallia county where he lived the remainder of his life.


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