John <a href="">Bayles</a> II

John Bayles II
Born: 1641 or 42, probably Southold, Long Island, New York
Died: 1696, Jamaica, Queens Co., New York
Parents: John Bayles I & Rebecca Bayles
Occupations: land speculator, fence inspector
Public Office: Delegate to the Governor, tax assessor
Marriage: Mar. 12, 1665, unknown
Wife: Ruth Rusco
Born: unknown
Died: unknown


Samuel Bayles I

John Bayles

Born: April 11, 1671, Jamaica, Queens Co., New York
Died: 1719, unknown
Note: died around 1719, will dated May 26, 1719, proved. Dec. 3, 1719-20.
Marriage: unknown
Wife: Elizabeth Bayles (maiden name unknown)
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Elias Bayles
Born: Jan. 24, 1679, Jamaica, Queens Co., New York
Died: about 1762 Note: died around this time, will dated Jan. 9, 1762, proved Apr. 14, 1762.
First Marriage: 1709, unknown
First Wife: Hannah Smith
Born: unknown
Died: before 1727, unknown

Mercy Bayles
Born: abt. 1727, Jamaica, Queens Co., New York
Died: unknown

Daniel Bayles, Sr.

Sarah Bayles



This history of the Bayles family was taken from Pipes family webpage:

John Bayles (2) seems to have been much less adventurous than his father. It seems that he did not move to Jamaica with the rest of the family in 1661, as Oct. 4, 1662, he was still in Southold, where he signed a petition to Connecticut. [P & W 780 ]

He must have decided soon after to join the family, as May 12, 1664, he was made a Freeman of Connecticut in Jamaica. [Assembly Journal] Less than a year later he m. Ruth Rusco in Jamaica and thereafter seems to have lived out his life quietly in Jamaica. His name appears often in the Records as fence inspector, taxpayer, recipient of allotments of land and in various purchases and sales of property. He was a delegate to the Governor, Tax Assessor and contributor to the minister's salary. The evidence for his daughter Sarah is scanty, but seems conclusive. On Sept. 24, 1751, John Lake of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., N. J., made a will in which he referred to his wife Sarah and names as executors his wife and his brother-in-law Daniel Baley (Bailis).

[N.J.W. ] This can be no other than Daniel (16), as the next will listed is that of John Lake of New Brunswick (prob. The son of the foregoing) dated Feb. 20, 1752, naming his wife Martinah and appointing as executors his son Richard Lake and Daniel Bayleys (Baylis) Jr. (40) who married Joanna Lake.


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