Eliphalet Augustus Trowbridge

U.S. Soldier
War of 1812

Eliphalet Augustus Trowbridge I
Born: Dec. 15, 1792, Mt. Freedom, Randolph, Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: May 11, 1859, Burlington Twp., Licking Co., Ohio
Parents: Jabez Trowbridge & Jane Lewis
Occupation: farmer & carpenter
Military Service: Army, War of 1812
Buried: Utica, Licking Co., Ohio
Marriage: June 3, 1819, Licking Co., Ohio
Wife: Mary “Polly” Montoyne
Born: Sept. 6, 1798, Mt. Freedom, Randolph, Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: Apr. 21,1849, Utica, Burlington Township, Licking Co., Ohio


Lewis Trowbridge

Joseph Montoyne Trowbridge
Born: Aug. 16, 1824, Utica, Licking Co., Ohio
Died: still living, 1859, Utica, Licking Co., Ohio

Rebecca Jane Trowbridge
Born: Sept. 3, 1826, Utica, Licking Co., Ohio
Died: unknown

Katherine Ann Trowbridge
Born: Dec. 19, 1829, Utica, Licking County, Ohio
Died: unknown
Marriage: Aug. 14, 1859, Ohio
Husband: Harvey Cox
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

David Kirkpatrick Trowbridge

Eliphalet Augustus Trowbridge II

John Trowbridge

Born: Feb. 14, 1834, Utica Licking Co., Ohio
Died: unknown

Charles Stinson Trowbridge

Mary Elizabeth Trowbridge

Born: Nov. 21, 1838, Utica, Licking, Ohio
Died: 1855, Utica, Licking, Ohio

Electa A. Trowbridge
Born: July 26, 1840, Utica, Licking Co., Ohio
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: Thomas J. Thatcher
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Samuel Woodrow Trowbridge


Native of Morris Co., New Jersey. Emigrated to Licking Co., Ohio and settled in Fallsbury Township, where he cleared up a quarter-section of land. The township was at this time a dense forest and filled with wild beasts and Indians. He was a man of unusually strong will, and pushed through any project once begun with a resolute determination. He was very industrious and frugal; very systematic in his business, and provided well for the wants of his home. His family was a well ordered one, the members of which were very warmly attached to each other.

1820 CENSUS -- Mary Ann Twp., Licking Co., Ohio
After residing in Fallsbury for five years, they moved to Utica, Licking Co., Ohio and finally located in the eastern edge of Burlington Township, where he died in 1859.

Licking County Probate Records - #195 - Eliphalet Trowbridge dated 2 July 1859 - Administrators Joseph M. and David K. Trowbridge - Bond $1800.

(From the gedcom of Patricia Smith-Ebersole at Rootsweb.com)


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