Eliphalet Lewis

Eliphalet Lewis 
Born: 1710, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey 
Died: 1787, Mendham (now Randolph), Morris Co., New Jersey 
Parents: Samuel Lewis & Susannah Jones 

Religious Affiliation: Succasunna Presbyterian Church, Succasunna,

Morris Co., New Jersey
Marriage: Apr. 12, 1743, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey
Wife: Elizabeth Cossart or Cosad
Born: Apr. 4, 1725, Raritan, now Union Co., New Jersey
Died: July 17, 1746, Mendham. Morris Co., New Jersey 

Parents: Rev. Jacob Cossart or Cosad & Hannah or Anna Cox
Second Marriage: unknown 
Second Wife: Jene Dod
Born: About. 1714, Middlesex Co., New Jersey
Died: unknown 



(Eliphalet Lewis & Elizabeth Cossart or Cosad)


        John Lewis

        Born: about 1744, Morris Co., New Jersey

        Died: 1839, unknown

        Elizabeth Lewis

        Born 1744, Morris Co., New Jersey

        Died: unknown

        Marriage: Jan. 8, 1764, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey

        Husband: Alexander Ailman

        Born: unknown

        Died: unknown

        Susannah Lewis

        Born:  after 1744, Morris Co., New Jersey

        Died: unknown.

        Abraham Lewis

        Born: 1745, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey.

        Died: Mar. 23, 1791, Roxbury, Morris Co., New Jersey.

        Elijah Lewis

        Born: 1740s, Morristown, Morris Co., New Jersey

        Died:  Sept. 16, 1815, unknown


(Eliphalet Lewis & Jene Dod)


        Mary Lewis

        Born: 1770, Mendham (now part of Randolph), Morris Co., New Jersey

        Died: unknown


        Jane Lewis






by Robert Schwartz and Wilma Lewis Sagurton

"The Lewis family of Coombs Hollow, Mendham, New Jersey, has been traced back to Edmund and Mary Lewis. They came to America, probably Wales, in 1634, when Edmund was 33 years old, and settled in either Lynn, or Watertown Massachusetts with two young sons, John and Thomas.  Thomas the youngest was born near Wales in 1633, and married Hannah Baker of Lynn, Massachusetts.  They had 12 children. Thomas and Hannah moved from Northampton, Mass to Swansea, Mass in 1669 to Bristol RI [Rhode Island] in 1679, to Mendon, Mass, in 1691, and back to Bristol in 1696.Thomas died on April 26, 1709, and Hannah died in 1717. they both are buried in Bristol,RI. Their 12 children were in order of birth, Edward, Hannah, Mary, Esther, Thomas, Thomas, Elizabeth, Persith, Samuel, Hepsebah, Joseph, and Deborah, the ninth child of Thomas Lewis and Hannah Baker was Samuel Lewis, who was born on April 23, 1673, in Swansea, Mass. In the late 1690's he went to Woodbridge, NJ, and then, in 1698, he married Susannah Jones, who was born around 1675. They were married on Sept. 29, 1698. Their first three children were born in Woodbridge. They were Samuel, born on Jan. 1, 1702, then Levi, who was born on April 15, 1706, and then Susannah, who was born on Oct. 8, 1703.  Susannah Jones, Samuel's wife, was born around 1675...Samuel was 23 years old when his parents returned to the coast, to Bristol, RI. There were mariners in the family and Samuel had worked on boats himself.  Samuel's son Levi Lewis was born on Sept. 15, 1706, in Woodbridge, NJ, and died in 1779 in Mendham. It is not known were he is buried. In 1730 he married Mary, and in the early 1730's moved to Coomb's Hollow, where he established a grist and saw mill with his brother Eliphalet [Jane Lewis' father] on India Brook just north of the present Mendham Township Line. In the Mendham Tax Records there is an assignement of earmarks for Eliphalet's cattle dated 1749.  The family was part of the Black River congregation of Chester, and later attended the Succasunna Presbyterian Church in the 1760's"..."In Mendham township ratables, Eliphalet Lewis is mentioned as owning 200 acres, four hourses, six cows, two pigs, exempt- six pigs."


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