Caleb Fairchild

Caleb Fairchild
Born: Sept. 10, 1693, Stratfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: May 1, 1777, Hanover, Morris Co., New Jersey
Parents: Zechariah Fairchild & Hannah Beach
Buried: Whippany, Morris Co., New Jersey
Occupations: farmer & miller
Public Office: Sheriff (1746-48) of Morris County
Religious Affiliations: Congregationalist; First Presbyterian Church,
Hanover, New Jersey & founding member of First Presybterian Church, Morristown
Marriage: 1716, Connecticut
Cause of Death: smallpox
Wife: Anne Sherwood


Joseph Trowbridge & Ann Sherwood

David Trowbridge

Anne Trowbridge

Caleb Fairchild & Ann Sherwood

Hezekiah Fairchild

Sarah Fairchild (I)
Born: 1719, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: 1719, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Baptism: April or May, 1719, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut

Sarah Fairchild (II)
Born: June 5, 1722, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: Oct. 5, 1804, unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: Ezekiel Cheever
Born: unknown
Died: still living 1777, Morris Co., New Jersey

Matthew Fairchild

Joseph Fairchild

Samuel Fairchild

Gershom Fairchild

Ebenezer Fairchild

Mehitable "Mable" Fairchild
Born: 1732, Morris County, New Jersey
Died: Jan. 12, 1795, New Jersey
Marriage: Jan. 15, 1754, Morris County, New Jersey
Husband:Thomas Tuttle
Born: unknown
Died: unknown

Ezra Fairchild
Born: 1734, Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey
Died: April, 1777, Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey
Cause of Death: smallpox

Abner Fairchild


It is because of Caleb Fairchild that the Trowbridges came to northern New Jersey, and then by way of David Trowbridge, Caleb's stepson, that the Trowbridges spread through the United States. Caleb was a respected member of Hanover, New Jersey, where he and Anne settled, and raised her children, as well as the several they had together. According to New Jersey Archives, Caleb was in New Jersey as early as 1730. His last grantor deed in Stratford was 18 April 1722 (41A). One of Caleb's descendants said he went from Stratford to Stonington, Connecticut, then to Hempstead, Long Island, New York, and then to New Jersey. He also at one point briefly in the New Haven, Connecticut area, and is on the deeds there. On April 1, 1736, Caleb and Anne quit-claimed land to David Trowbridge, son of Anne's first husband, Joseph Trowbridge. Caleb, Anne, and Caleb's brother Zacheriah were among the founding members of the Morristown First Presbyterian Church. One of Caleb’s sons, Abner Fairchild, and Abner's son Abraham, fought in the Revolutionary War. Anne, Caleb, and their son Ezra died during an outbreak of smallpox (which also claimed the lives of several Continental soldiers) in the spring of 1777.

A depiction of the historic original First Presbyterian Church in Hanover.
Founded around 1715, it was the first church in what is now Morris County, NJ.

The historic Morristown First Presbyterian Church. Caleb and his brother
Zechariah were founding members and leading elders in the church.



By Elizabeth R. Myrose and Claire B. Kitchell

"But the mills and forges were the lure that would bring settlers from the east and the north, and which would finally give Whippany (then part of Hanover) its reputation. The mills also produced the leading families of the township. The first of these were the Fairchilds. The family patriarch, Caleb Fairchild, arrived in Whippany in 1735, with his brother Zachariah, and his wife Anne, and established a gristmill and a saw mill on the tract of the orignal forge and property now occupied by the International Paper Co. (now since gone). A member of the Presbyterian Church in Hanover for a number of years, he and Anne were also founding members, along with Zechariah, of the Morristown First Presbyterian Church in Morristown. Caleb also served as Morris County Sheriff from 1746 to 1748. He died on May 1, 1777 at 84 years of age. Caleb's son Abner was a Captain in the Army. Abner had seven sons who were patriots. Abraham Fairchild, grandson of Caleb, also an Army Captain, followed in his grandfather's footsteps. On the site of Caleb's saw mill, Abraham established a very successful woolen mill. On Stoney Brook in Malapardis, he built a carding machine and fulling mill, the first in this section of New Jersey. Abraham Fairchild was a social as well as business leader of the township. His mansion on Jefferson Road drew notables from all parts of Morris county. Abraham's son John sold the family interests in other plants, but retained the fulling mill and took over its management. John's son, E.R. Fairchild, and grandson, A. K. Fairchild, carried on the operation of the company until 1890, a span of a century of family ownership. In the post-Civil War period, with machinery purchased from New York State Prison, the plant turned to the manufacture of woolens."



Caleb Fairchild
in Hanover town.
June 4, 1776
No. 1- pg. 75
plotted p. 106

All that certain tract of land lying in Hanover afore said. Beginning in the middle of the road that leads from Morristown to Hyberna furnace also being a corner of Mathew Ball's land from thence running North by said Ball's land seventy-three degrees along the said Ball's line eleven chains & eighty links to Nathaniel Peck's land now Jonathon Hathaway's thence by his land South twenty degrees & fifteen minutes West twelve chains & eighty-five links to the land of Mathur Fairchild thence South seventy-nine degrees East twelve chains to the middle of the road thence South seventy-nine degrees East twelve chains to the middle of the road then North fifty-six degrees East two chains & twenty links along said road thence North eighty degrees five chains then North fifteen degrees East three chains to the beginning. Containing fifteen acres & fifteen hundredths of an acre strict measure.
Jonathon Hatheway
Ashur Fairchild



“1773, Oct. 4 – Fairchild, Caleb, of Hanover, Morris Co.; will of. Wife, Anne, use of all real and personal estate, during her life. To children, Matthew, and Joseph, Gershom, Ebenezer the following legacies: to Joseph 10 pounds; to Matthew 10 pounds; to Gershom 10 pounds; to Mehitabel, 20 pounds; to Sarah, 5 pounds. sons Joseph and Ezra, all real estate, and they pay legacies.
Executors- sons Joseph and Ezra. Witnesses-Ebenezer, Ezekiel Cheever, Sarah Cheever. Proved May 14, 1777”



(from "Whose Who in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Morristown, NJ")
Fairchild, Catherine--17/44--Daughter of Ephraim & Gitty Fairchild, d. 26 Nov 1826, age 11 months 4 days. [Ed. Note: CR70 show Catharine Price Fairchild, Daughter of Ephraim & Gertrude "Gitty" (Oliver) Fairchild].

Fairchild, Catherine--20/37--Buried with David Fairchild--Erected by their Son S. F. 1821. [Ed. Note: This would appear to be the Catherine (Gregory) Fairchild which CR69 show b. 13 Mar 1735, m. David Fairchild 9 Nov 1757, and d. 18 Feb 1800. See Fairchild, David at Site 20/37].

Fairchild, Dabriat (Deborah)--25/12--d. 13 Apr 1757, age 50. [Ed. Note: Wife of Zachariah, the First Leading Elder of the Church upon separation of the Morristown Church from the Hanover Church in about 1737. Vail spells the name Dabriah. CR69 show Deborah, 1st Wife of Zachariah Fairchild of Morris Plains. Deborah & Zachariah were parents of two i.e., David and Abiel. CR69 show "Dabriat" on the headstone].

Fairchild, David--24/26--d. 13 Apr 1855, age 88.7.10. [Ed. Note: CR69 show David Fairchild, Son of David & Catherine (Gregory) Fairchild, b. 3 May 1767, m. Hannah Day 13 Sep 1794. David & Hannah were parents of eight i.e., Samuel, Lewis, Josiah, Franklin, Henry, David Day, Silas, and James].

Fairchild, David--20/37--Buried with Catherine Fairchild--Erected by their Son S. F. 1821. [Ed. Note: This would appear to be the David Fairchild which CR69 show was the Son of Deborah & Zachariah Fairchild, b. 6 May 1734, 1st m. Catherine Gregory on 9 Nov 1757. David & Catherine were parents of ten i.e., Abijah, Rhoda, Phebe, Samuel, David, Silas, Eunice, Mabel Silas, and Lewis. David 2nd m. Nancy Loper 3 Jan 1807. David d. 30 Aug 1807, age 73. The S. F. who erected the marker at this Site for David and Catherine probably was the 2nd Son named Silas who died 18 Feb 1852, age 75. The other possibility would be their Son Samuel, although he moved to Savannah, Georgia. His date of death has not been found].

Fairchild, Elizabeth--Reinterred at Evergreen No Date No Location Shown--Wife of William W. Fairchild, d. 23 Apr 1832, age 24.4.7. [CR72 show Elizabeth Jaggers m. 15 Feb 1830 to William Fairchild, d. 4 Apr 1832, age 24. Reinterment confirmed by Chambers at Page 62].

Fairchild, Hannah--24/25--Wife of David--d. 10 Jan 1851, age 82.7.5. [Ed. Note: See Fairchild, David at Site 24/27].

Fairchild, Phebe Briant--20/2--Wife of Silas Fairchild, d. 7 Sep 1846, age 70 [Ed. Note: Parker shows originally copied 1816 and corrected with Church Records. See Fairchild, Silas].
Fairchild, Rhoda--20/36--d. 27 Dec 1845, age 84. [Ed. Note: CR69 show Rhoda Fairchild, Daughter of David & Catherine (Gregory) Fairchild, b. 9 Sep 1860, d. 26 Jan 1845, age 84].

Fairchild, Sarah--29/23--Wife of Matthew, d. 6 Jan 1750, age 33. [Ed. Note: Parker shows originally copied 1756 and corrected with Church Records. CR71 show Sarah _______ was the 1st Wife of Matthew Fairchild. Matthew remarried two more times. He is shown Father of ten i.e., Caleb, Ruth, Ann, Sarah, Stephen, Asher, Jonathan, Theodocia, Rebecca, and Mehitabel. Based on the dates of Baptism, Sarah would have been the Mother of the first five. Based on the date of Matthew's third marriage, the last two would have been by his third Wife. It is unclear which of Matthew's Wives i.e., #1 or #2, was the Mother of which of the three remaining children i.e., Asher, Jonathan, and Theodocia].

Fairchild, Silas--20/1--18 Feb 1852, age 74. [Ed. Note: CR24 & 72 show b. about 1777, m. 22 May 1819 to Phebe Briant, both of Morris Plains. He d. 18 Feb 1852, age 75. No children found in The Combined Registers].



Source: J. Percy Crayon, Rockaway Records of Morris County, N. J. Families, (Rockaway, N.J., Rockaway Publishing Co., 1902)

Thomas "Fayerchild", merchant, came from England, and was among the first settlers of Stratford, (mow Bridgeport), CT. His wife Sarah, was a daughter of Robert Seabrooke, who had daughters who married Thomas Sherwood, William Preston, of New Haven, and Lt. Thomas Wheeler, of Milford, respectfully. All came to Connecticut about the same time in 1638 or 1639.

Children of Thomas Fairchild and (1) wife Sarah: Samuel, born Aug. 31, 1639, the first white child born at Stratford, married Mary, daughter of Moses Wheeler. She was born 1653, died Feb. 7, 1733. He died Nov. 20, 1692; Sarah, born Feb. 19, 1641, married Jehiel Preston; John, was born May 1, 1644, died young; Thomas, Jr., born Feb. 21, 1646; Dinah, born July 14, 1648, married Benjamin Corey, died 1703; Zacharia, born Dec. 14, 1651, married (1) Hannah, daughter of John Beach, Sr., Nov 3, 1681, died June 3, 1703. She married (2) John Buritt May 5, 1708. He died Feb. 1, 1727. Emma, born Oct. 1653. He married (2) Catharine Craigg and had children: Joseph, born Apr. 18, 1664; John, born June 8, 1666, and Priscilla, born Apr. 20, 1669. He died Dec. 14, 1670, and his widow married as second wife Sergt. Jeremiah Judson, died 1706.

Children of Samuel and wife Mary: Robert, Samuel, born about 1682, died Feb. 28, 1761, married Ruth, daughter of John Beach, Jr., who was born 1685, died May 8, 1769; Edward, born 1686; Jonathan, born Oct. 10, 1692, and Anna (?) who married Cory Blackman.

Children of Thomas Fairchild, Jr., who married (1) Sarah Preston; (2) Susannah ____, and died before 1690: Sarah, baptized Apr. 11, 1675, died 1682; Emma, baptized same date; Samuel, baptized Apr. 16, 1677; Ruth, baptized July 16, 1678; Alexander, baptized Apr. 16, 1680; Sarah (2) baptized Feb. 1682; Katharine, baptized May 1684; Mary born about 1690.

Children of Zechariah and wife Hannah: Mehetable, born Mar. 21, 1682, died Sept. 27, 1684; Hannah, born Aug. 1, 1685; David, born Mar. 1688; Agnes, born Oct. 1, 1691; Caleb, born Sept. 10, 1693, had wife Ann ____, settled at Whippany, NJ, and died there May 1, 1777, his wife died same year; James, born Feb. 12, 1695; Mary, born May 7, 1698; Zachariah, Jr., born Nov. 21, 1701, settled at Morris Plains, NJ, died there Aug. 6, 1777. He married (1) Deborah ____. She was born 1707, died Apr. 13, 1757; (2) Widow Lidia Hathaway Aug. 1757. She was born 1724, died May 23, 1769; Abiel, born July 15, 1703.

Children of Caleb Fairchild and wife Ann, of Whippany: Hezekiah, baptized at Stratford, CT, 1717; Samuel, married Hannah Winchel (?) lived near Hanover; Sarah, Mathew, Joseph, born 1724; Gershom, married Lydia ____, and died before Nov. 28, 1778; Ebenezer, Mehetible, born 1732, Ezra, born 1734.

Children of Zachariah and wife Deborah, of Morris Plains: Jane, married Silas Goble 1744; Mary, married Benjamin Hathaway; Phineas, born 1730, died Nov. 12, 1801, married Sarah ____. She was born 1729, died Nov. 2, 1811; Abigail, married Jonathan Conklin; David, born May 6, 1734, married (1) Catharine Gregory Nov. 9, 1757. She was born Mar. 13, 1735, died Feb. 18, 1800; (2) Nancy Loper, of Hanover. Caturah, married Philip Hathaway; Rhoda, born Nov. 4, 1737, married Jebediah Gregory; Abiel, born Nov. 4, 1739, married (1) Esther Gard July 13, 1763. She was born 1742, died Jan. 22, 1777. (2) Elizabeth ____.

Children of Samuel and wife Hannah: Benjamin, born about 1742, married Mercy ____, lived at Hanover; Eezekiah and Abigail, were baptized at Hanover Sept. 7, 1755; Moses, married Mary Gardiner, lived at Rockaway Neck; Martha, married Joel Wilkinson Nov. 28, 1765; Abraham, born Nov. 2, 1753, married Phebe Russell, lived at Whippany, NJ; Eunice, above four baptized at Hanover Oct. 26, 1755; Solomon, born Sept. 1757, married his brother’s widow Jemima (Ball) Fairchild; Lt. Winchel, born Nov. 1758, married Jemima Ball, lived at Hanover; Isaac, born 1760, married Amy Mulford, lived at Hanover; Lucy, born 1763, married Samuel Baldwin; Benjamin, Hezekiah, Moses and Abraham of this family served in the Revolutionary War.

Children of Phineas Fairchild and wife Sarah: Stephen, born Nov. 30, 1753; Abigail, born Dec. 24, 1754, married David Hurd; Deborah, born February 22, 1757, married Wm. Hubbard; Sarah, born February 22, 1759, drowned 1769; Mary, born June 12, 1761, married Caleb Tuttle; Timothy, born July 22, 1763, married Mehetible Tuttle; Esther, born Nov. 20, 1766, married Jonathan Dean; Charlotte, born Oct. 10, 1768, married Loammi Casterline; Justus, born July 20, 1771, died Nov. 22, 1772; Sarah, born Feb. 26, 1773, married Peter Tompkins Dec. 15, 1795, died May 6, 1861



Apparently Caleb Fairchild was not a particularly good sheriff during his tenure between 1746 and 1748. An incident involving Sheriff Fairchild can be read at the the Pipes family webpage about counterfeiting in Morris County during colonial times, which Caleb allowed an alleged counterfeiter to escape from jail, perhaps in collusion with the suspect's ring.


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