The Military Connection
Family Roll Call

Thomas M Clinard Sr - US Army Retired
Thomas M Clinard Jr - US Air Force Retired
Eugene O'Connor - US Army Retired
Franklin D. Vickers - US Air Force Retired
Robert A. Vickers - US Air Force
Marianne Weber Vickers - US Air Force
Charles K. Gaulding - US Army Retired
Robert E. Odnoha - US Army Retired
Charles Koubek - US Navy Retired
John Bulla - US Army
Msgt Thomas M Clinard Sr
CWO 4 Eugene O'Connor
SMS Thomas M Clinard Jr
Tsgt Robert Odnoha
Sgt John Bulla
CPO Charles Koubek
Tsgt Franklin Vickers
The Military Connection
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A2C Marianne Weber Vickers
A1C Robert A Vickers
SSgt Charles K Gaulding
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