Bulla Relatives
Uncle Johnny Bulla
Aunt Pauline Bulla Odnoha
Uncle Johnny Koubek
Aunt Rita Shea Bulla
Grand Father
Michael Bulla
Grand Mother
Teresa Polacek Bulla
Mothers Cousin
Mothers Aunt
Bulla Family Notes
1. It appears that Michael Bulla's real name was Mihaly Bula, spelled with one L. He arrived in the United        States Mar 30 1899. He was from Usztye Hungary and was Slovak. (Note: Mihaly translates to Michael)

2. His wife came over on Oct 6, 1899 and her name was listed as Therese Bula. She was from Karcag Hungary

3. So at some point after arriving in the U.S. Bula was changed to Bulla.. Mothers Birth Certificate had Bula.

4. I found two different spellings of Therese's  name. (1) Teresa Polachek (From Mothers Birth Certificate)
    (2) Theresia Pollacka
(From Mothers Baptism Certificate) Which is correct ? I don't know.
Our Bulla Relatives
Charlie Koubek
Robert Odnoha
Dolly Odnoha
Gloria Koubek
Johnny Koubek
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