Clinard Relatives
Uncle Harry Pilkerton
Aunt Maudie Rawles Clinard
Jean Pilkerton
Z.N. and Turner Clinard
with their Mother and Father
Aunt Mabel Clinard Pilkerton
Uncle Zack Clinard
Turner in 1942
Turner and Dorthy with John and Norman
Turner and Dorthy 1980
Turner 1954
ZN and Dot 1993
ZN and Andrew
1st Cousins - Once Removed
Norman, Melody, Melinda, Andrew and John
LiLillian, Christian and Taylor with Nick
and John at Walt Disney World in Oct 2002
Tom, Barbara and Pat Clinard with Cousin Jean
ZN with Grandson Kevin 1991
ZN and Melinda 1973
Jean Pilkerton Welsh with her son David - 1955
David's Graduation
Our Clinard Relatives
Lillian Ann with
Grandaughter Taylor
2nd Cousins
Brenda Simmons Gartside, Husband Bruce
and Son Brian
1st Cousin Once Removed
Lillian May Clinard Simmons
Great Aunt and Uncle
Henry W Clinard and Wife Ludie Vowell
(Lillian May Clinard's parents)
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