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Fathers Day - 2000
The Clinards, Allens and Croftons
Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers
I think I am crying
It doesn't get any better than this
Margaret, get busy and quit standing around
Good Looking and a Good Cook
I won't break her will I ?
Unwrapping Presents - Xmas 99
Margaret, Tommy, Kathy and Lisa
Tommy, You break this one and their won't be anymore.
Grandpa and Grandson
just relaxing
Christmas Eve - 2003
What more could a man want
Kevin, she isn't to heavy for you
is she ?
Father and Daughter with a little one on it's way
Thomas Guy Clinard
May 15, 1959 - Nov 1, 1979
Thomas Michael Clinard
Kayley Louise Crofton
Aug 24, 2002
Kayley Dec 2002
Tommy and Kayley Nov 25, 2002
The Family Jewels
Tommy and Kayley July 23, 2003
Kayley looks like a doll
Kathy with Son Tommy and Niece  Kayley
July, 2003
Lisa and Daughter Kayley
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