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The album is out now. Go to the In At The Deep End records site to get hold of a copy for £7ppd.

With The Roly Polys having to split-up due to anorexia, Duncan Norvelle's unexpected heroin OD, and the general decline in Britain's light-entertainment scene, The Devils genuinely thought their days were numbered, but thanks to the intervention of Unholy Grave and Total Fucking Destruction, 2003 ended on a high note when they took to the road and brought back the good old British variety performance to a good old British public. The Devils extend their sincere gratitude sincerely to all who took part in the tour.

At the moment, The Devils are working on a great deal of projects which, in their entirety, consist roughly of one new song and a cover of Joy Division's 'Shadowplay', so don't get your hopes up just yet. There are, however, occasional gigs coming up and later in the year will be appearing on TV alongside John Lydon and Ozzy Osbourne in the hip new show I'm A Celebrity Has-Been, How's About Subbing Us A Tenner Until Giro-Day. Until then, farewell.

The Cabaret continues at:-

Saturday 8th May - Bristol, Skate n Ride
Its the wedding party/reception thing of Martin Einon and Andrijana Barbic

There is now, finally, mp3's, on the downloads page that you can actually download.

T-shirts are available to find out more click here.

Go to Henry Calf Boy's page of photos to see some photos of us

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