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Shamballa MD Healing is not a technique but a way of facilitating wholeness and freedom.

An attunement into Shamballa connects you in a powerful way with your I am presence and it connects you with the Shamballa  city of light or the collective consciousness of all the Ascended Masters and other beings of love and light through many diemensions.

It is also a way of getting together the silver violet tribe as Germain talks of in following channeling.

It is through Hari Das Melchizedek that Germain has brought us this powerful connection and today there are thousands of beings in the Shamballa family and hundreds of teachers all around the globe.

A message from Germain in May 2002 through Hari Das

Hi YA, I would just like to add to this that we have created what is happening on earth, us the humans, want something different?

Yes just LOVE yourself and that LOVE will manifest around the earth.

The only campaign you need to join is the campaign against personal ego, and its involvement with the illusion of fear and victimhood. Ghandi's words are true, just be LOVE and all will be well.

I now ask you all what you think Shamballa is
, is it reiki?  is it a healing system? The answer is no to the first two questions,

is it about self empowerment through LOVE? is it about the empowerment of others through LOVE?   is LOVE living in non judgement and without fear? can you help others become whole with this energy?  The answer is yes to these questions.

What is LOVE ? it is a state of being, not an emotion, I suppose I should mention here that I take it for granted that you all understand that I mean LOVE without conditions. Remember the system is not enlightenment, the system takes you to enlightenment and you don't need the system anymore!!!

What is enlightenment? lots have been said about it over the years, it is being light and knowingly being connected to all that there is in all dimensions. Some call it ascension!!!!


lets look into our own hearts and minds and just spend a few moments looking at how we fight with our selves and others.

Peace now is the message to all on earth, be peaceful and peace will manifest all around the planet.

let peace flow from our hearts and minds and lets create a new millennium of peace in our universe.

Germain through Hari Das Melchizedek, Iceland October 2000

Good morning, I am Germain. Well, Shamballa family, I extend to each and everyone of you a welcome. A welcome into my heart, a welcome into my love, a welcome into my energy. As I welcome you in to this energy I am also constructing multidimensional energy gateway through which you may move and trough which energies may also move. You have been speaking of Shamballa and as each and every one of you are part of the Shamballa family of light, or to
put it in an other way members of the violet tribe. I would just say a few words on how you are discovering more and more and more in how this Shamballa energy works. So last night you experienced some of you group healing with this Shamballa energy and as this channel shared with you the group creates an energy hologram which interacts with the physical body, but
not only interacts with the physical body but also interacts with the multidimensional bodies or the finer bodies also. What is happening at this time when there is an interaction between the physical and other dimensional realities. The hologram that you see and I think that this is the best way to describe this is as being a hologram. The hologram that you see is an energetic reflection of the perfection and harmony of Shamballa. I know that some don't understand what Shamballa really and truly is. Some may consider that Shamballa is just a name that is used for this healing modality or a label, which is used to describe this energy.

So what is this Shamballa?

Shamballa is a place in time and space or Shamballa is a number of places in time and space. When I say a number of places in time and space I mean that in every dimensional reality there exist Shamballa.

So what really is Shamballa? In some ways I see the easiest way of explaining this to you is that Shamballa is a place in time and space where harmony, balance and love is the totality of the energy. And if you wanted to see Shamballa in your mind or in your minds eye. You can see Shamballa as a crystalline city of light.

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