September 2007
With the Spektakula fading into the distance, we head into the new season. Let the jostling begin, the quest to be ascend to the top of the heap now on. Nuff slam, a likkle bit o' love and one or two funny moments. But we shall call the ensuing soap apera "Who Run Tings".
Ryan and Coffe, aka Kage would not be sitting across from each other. Guess they are trying to prove who is riding the other's coat tail. We will see how that play out. As for the tournament, nine teams lined up.
Three were unbeaten after the prelims, led by Winners (Ryan and Maurice). Not to be outdone Coffe and his P
Gold were also unbeaten. The third team was Alton and Kendal. The bottom two Jason and Wong and Alexis and Rayna had to battle for the final 1/4 final spot.
In the first playoff round Jason and Wong picked up steam in the 2nd half to blow open their match with Alexis and Rayna. They cruised home 10 -6, setting up a date with the top seeded team, Winners.
In the 1/4-final Jason and Wong got steamed, 10-3. Ryan moved on, what about his ex Coffee? Well, he got mauled by Jason and Marcel,
10-0. Danny traded in one Ian for another, he and Ian S easily moved into the semis brushing aside Alton and Kendal,  10-4. The fourth match was Dom and Clinton (El Presidente) against Snipes and Rookie. The President was really in control but Snipes fired back to level the score at 9-9. Dom and The Prez edged their way into the semis.
The semi-final matchups were close and could have swung either way. Ian S and Danny were the next challengers for The Pez and his running mate, Dom. A very close contest but the The Prez lose 'im seat in a tight 10-8 decision. The other semi had Winners against Jason and Marcel. No love, but ironically a fitting climax. A 10-9 slugfest in which Jason and Marcel came up a little short. With Ryan avenging the beat down, Winners moved on.
The final game had Danny in one corner, Ryan in the other. Both of whom were using P's  other than their regular. Ian S was filling in for the absentee, Ian C who was not on hand to help his P, Danny. Ryan for whatever reason was out to prove to Coffee that he is Da Man. He had the audacity to name his team Winners. Call it luck, call it whatever but you can't argue the fact the Ryan and Rees were winners. They had the greenbacks, 16 others left green with envy. It took more time to write this paragraph than the duration of the final game. Ian S and Danny were thoroughly whipped, 10-1, by a team prophetically called, WINNERS!! 
                                            October 2007

Once again 9 teams were on hand for the second leg of the journey. Dom and The President (Clinton) stood atop the rest after the prelims. Kage, back together again and Ian S and newcomer Troy were the other unbeatens. Seems as if the tussle for a 1/4 spot always comes down to Jason A against Alexis and Rayna. Last month with Wong, this time back with regular P Troy (Longa).  Once again Jason was victorious, 10-6. Same margin as last time.
Moving into the 1/4 finals, Jason and Troy were clobbered by Dom and Clinton. 10-2. Ian S and Troy had to work hard to edge Karen and Nick, 10-8. One other 1/4 final game were decided by one game. Jason and Marcel edged
Gold/Anthony. The fourth matchup was a lovely one. Kage ran Ian C and Danny out of the building.
The semis were won in rather easy fashion. Jason and Marcel ran over Dom/Clinton, 10-4. Ian and Troy got past Kage 10-6. The final was a lot closer. Veterans, Jason and Marcel just got past Ian and Troy, 10-8.  Good effort by the vets to get back to the winners circle. Very valiant effort form Ian and Troy who had an impresive debut.

                                                            November 2007

On the road again. No more Spice, so me move on. Inside the home of Bone Crushers. Karen and Nick led all in the prelims. They thrashed Ian and Ross and were the 1st to drop a 6-0 inside Ferdie's. Alton and Kendal were also unbeaten in the prelims. 8 teams in total.
In the 1/4 finals Snipes and Rookie made quick work of Ferdie and I man, 10-3. Brenda and Clinton pulled off the upset against Alton and Kendal, 10-5. Kage got past Jason and Troy, 10-7. The final match had Ian and Ross, who were cussing one anadda di whole time, eliminating Karen and Nick, 10-7. I suppose they had the last laugh.
In the semis, Snipes and Rookie with mouths flaping knocked out Brenda and Clinton, 10-5. Kage sent Ian and Ross to see Judge Toler in Divorce Court, bickering all the way. The score was 10-7.
Snipes and Rookie took home the green in a 10-2 romp. Sorry it was all so short but this was a month ago. Another tournament to update and future ventures to look forward to. 

Walk Good     
                    December 2007
So dam long ago I don't remember much. Alton and Kendal went home with some dinero beating a paltry 6 teams. That vaulted them to the top of the team standings. 2008 will be great and the award winning journalist should be back from his hiatus.

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                                               January 2008

Almost 2 months off. The 1st tournament of the calendar year. A decent field of 11 started things off. Leroy and Ferdie and Alexis and Rayna were both unbeaten and seeded respectively at the top.
Onto the elimination rounds. In the first round Jason and Troy looking to pick up steam but were steamed by Ian and Danny, 10-3. Snipes and Rookie were winners back in November, sat out December but picked up where they left off by putting a lot of tarnish on
Gold and Donovan, 10-4. The third game in the first round was the closest. Mike and Robert edged Calvin and Fay 10-8.
In the 1/4 finals, Alexis and Rayna renewed their rivalry with Ian and Danny. The latter made it look easy after reaching the semis with a decisive 10-4 victory. Kage easily slid by Alton and Kendal 10-4. The defnding champs did not pack much of a punch on this day. Jason and Ross faced off against Mike and Robert. They battled it out to the end, it was close for the most part. Mike and Robert could not find a counter down the stretch and left disgruntled after a 10-7 loss. The final matchup pitted Ferdie and Leroy against Snipes and Rookie. L/F strode out to an easy 4-0 lead. Then came the turning point in the match. Leroy took and bad pass and gave Rookie and Snipes a taste of victory. They made use of this and went ahead 6-4. Leroy and Ferdie went up 8-6 but lost the last 4 in a game of momentum. Rookie and Snipes were in the semis after a hard fought 10-8 win.
Both semi final matches were close. Jason and Ross made Snipes and Rookie sweat it out. The latter team won 10-8 but with one or two lucky bounces in their favour.Ian and Danny were up against Kage. I wonder if memories of their last meeting was plaguing Ian and Danny. This time around ther puuled it off. 10-8 wasthe scores there. After those two close, exciting semis matchups the final game once again lacked any closeness. Rookie and Snipes slammed Ian and Danny 10-1. Congratulations to the winners I am looking at February 24 for the next one. 

Walk Good.
                                             February 2008

Inside the Bone Crusher den, next stop could be the Lover's Lounge. 8 teams were on hand. The prelims ended with Alton and Kendal, along with Rookie and Snipes being unbeaten. The team of
Gold and Coffee  took a Coffee break. They forfeited their second round game because they had to go somewhere. The walkover win went to Chin, and Geoff, my Runnymede School mate.
By the time we got to the palyoffs we would sitting at the same table. School was in session as Dom and myself erased Geoff and Chin with a few schools (hands) down the stretch. The score  was 10-5.
Gold and  Coffee came back strong after the break. They trounced Alton and Kendal 10-2. The battle of the Jasons was on again. Jason F and Ross going up against Jason A and his regular P, Longa aka Troy. Jason and Ross advanced 10-4. The final first round match up featured Rookie and Snipes who were gunning for the hat trick. These two teams came off a hotly contested prelim match up, which was won by Snipes and Rookie 6-5. Ian and Danny had won 4 in a row to even things up at 5. They were hoping to carry that momentum into the playoff. They won an identical number of games, 5. Rookie and Snipe, defeated their opponent to capture January's crown. This time around they did the deed in the first round of the playoff, 10-5.
On to the semis.
Gold and Coffee like Ian and Danny could only muster 5 wins. Heart broken this time around. Snipes and Rookie rolled on 10-5. This team was looking to win three in a row that they played in. Having won in November and January and were not in December's small field.They made the final and only one team would stand between them and another crown. Of course yours truly would be given the opportunity to stop Snipes and Rookie from winning the triple crown. Dom and I got past Jason and Ross. We took the lead and shook off a few attempts by Jason and Ross. After a 10-7 win we had a shot at the gold.
Snipes and Rookie came out blazing, luckily the game was up to 10. In a heartbeat, the lead was 7-0. After a switch we bruk out and actually started to win a few games. The glimmer of hope faded fast as Rookie and Snipes got the triple crown. In rather easy fashion romping home 10-4. Congratultions to them and I am sure they are now wearing an X. Who will knock them off the perch next month. The last Sunday in March we will hook up once more.

Til then


                                                March 2008
We were inside Lover's Lounnge for our 1st tournament in our new home. Only a handful was there, 7 teams in total. We are hoping to be able to pick up the numbers as the months go on. We will also be hanging there on Fridays dishing out the loves. Hopefully you brutes will be able to reach there.
We cruised through the prelims with two unbeaten. Geoff and Chin were seeded at the top beacuse Troy was late. Both team had identical records but the top seed went to the Geoff and Chin due to Jason and Troy being penalized for being tardy.
The 1st round saw Snipes and Rookie getting involved in a heated battle with Alton and Kendal. There was a lot of noise and hype. In the end though, the score was not very close. Alton and Kendal prevailed 10-4. Ending Rookie and Snipes tremendous run. Danny and Ian had a name change, they are now known as Assassins. They were all over Karen and Gary, living up to the name, 10-6 was the score. In the other match, Jason and Troy continued to roll as they stopped Leroy and Albert again in a rematch, after beating them in the prelims as well.
Jason and Troy went up against Assassins in the semis. It was not even close. The Assassins betta guh train up fi next time. Jason and Troy executed well, in a 10-4 domination. The other match was a lot closer. Alton and Kendal had a lot of fire going into this round and once again they were getting really hyped for this one. It was a hard fought match but Geoff and Chin won the deciding game to move on to the final, 10-9 the score.
In the final game the man called Longa and the man Sir Leo roared to an incredible lead. Seem as if they are showing signs of returning to the form that lead them to back to back wins last summer. Of course since then the drought set in. Geoff and Chin had no counter and got routed 10-3. Another lopsided final.
Looking forward to picking things up as the months go on. The next one is on the 27th of April.

Walk Good

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