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September 17, 2007

A new season is up on us, 13 days and counting down to the season opener. Hopefully we will get a few interested in wresting away the belts from Ian and Danny. I know that Alexis and Rayna will be looking to go one better. The team that was clearly made a charge for top honours, Jason and Troy will also have a lot to say. As will regulars like Alton and Kendal, Jason (the original) and Marcel. We have so many dam Jasons it's like a real nightmare on Hymus Ave. Brenda And Errol, and all the other winners. Can we lure back Ryan and Coffe? The man called Bronze (he calls himself Gold).  I managed to lure Shaka and Alex out of hiding, will they make a run for the it?
People September 30th inside of Spice wi ah guh Splash. After a mini hiatus we ready fi tek off again. Please come out and make it a success. I hope baseball season will be over for all those who always have to have to play baseball. Then again if you skip the game and get lucky you could be so much richer for it. I got a song for you by Bob "Yuh runnin' and yuh runnin' and yuh runnin away."
The Summa Spektakula to me fizzled more than sizzled. After all the hype,11 teams, including 6 in the Invitational. This was reduced to sets of 6 due to time constraint. Jason and Troy added to their back to back tournament champoiships, another 2 trophies for 1st place in the Invitational. . Alton and Kendal were second in that tournament but were flashing greens at the end of the night. We couldn't catch the chickens so the BBQ did not sizzle. It wasn't too bad although a lot of people who said they would be there did not show up.  Ah so it guh but hopefully we will change that soon. It got a song for them too "Action, not a bag a mout'. "
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October 18th, 2007

We have on tap, a recap plus little tidbits. 11 teams were at the season opener. I was hoping to see a few mo'. But a just suh it guh. The headlines splattered with news of a seperation between Ryan and Coffee aka Kage. The latter now going for the gold with
GOLD. Those two were cracking me up with their comments like "The reason why we did not team up before is to give everyone else a chance." Is there a hint that GOLD is a better P than Ryan? Cofee during a 6-2 romp over Alexis and Rayna was saying that I should take notes. 
Well since I have to write the summary I will just say straight up
GOLD was tarnished by Jason and Marcel and I guess they put the mortar and pestle to Coffee. I was taking notes and I recorded the 1st TEN LOVE of the new season. Still hoping for things to pick up but I think we will turn the corner a likkle way dung di road. You can join in the rumble as we head towards Summa Spektakula II. October 28th inside Spice Cafe, 74 Hymus Ave. (Warden/Eglington). Registration at 4, action at 5.
Have a bunch of ideas floating around to try and step it up. Definitely wanna hook up a Friday or Saturday. Think I want to run a series of Friday night tournaments. Probably do a regional. WEll, lots to do so later everybady. Oonuh walk good.
                                 February 11, 2008
This one is called Lover's choice. Lover's Lounge is our new home, 1534 Warden venue.. This venue offers a little more than the previous two. Here we will be able to do some Friday night dominoes. For all those yappers out there who keep grumbling about Sundays, you may get the opportunity to "Bring it, not sing it" I will be doing another update shortly.    
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