April Tournament #1

The dawn of the New Era is upon us. April (1st) showers, no fooling around inside Spice Cafe. Ah jus pure niceness! In total 12 teams were vying for supremacy. New system, new season, a few new faces welcoming the New Era.
10 teams kicked things off. By the time we paced through the prelims that number inched up to 12. There were 3 that strode out to 2-0 after the prelim. Topped by Alton and Kendal (12-4), Ross and Kevin (12-5), then Karen and Nick (12-9). Bringing up the rear, Jason and Marcel, Ian and Clinton, Justin and Robin, along with Brenda and Errol all 0-2.
As we entered the round of 16 Mikey and Deon joined the top 3 on the sidelines the rest battled for a quarter final slot. The first to qualify were Ferdie and Leroy who won a 10-4 romp over new blood Morris and Ryan. Nice to see new young faces though, hopefully they weren't discouraged. Alexis and Rayna chalked up one for the youngsters, they outlasted Ian and Clinton 10-6. And yet another newcomer Robin along with Justin edged former champs Jason and Marcel in a marathon. The latter won the last time they were inside spice but this time lady luck was not as nice to them. 10-8 the scoreline. The closest game of the set was a 10-9 ecounter. Brenda and Errol came home ahead by whisker over Ian and Danny. The latter has a penchant for losing 1 game matches. I am sure we all remember the comeback defeat they suffered 2 tournament ago when they were edged by The Dancing Don Dadda.
At the quarter final, Brenda and Errol whizzed by Mikey and Deon, 10-3. As disappointed as M/D would be it ain't 10-0. Keep yuh chin up, better luck next time. And of course The Lover Man himself, Justin (who with Calvin drop da love deh in March) with new p Robin went against Karen and Nick. Well Robin flew the nest early after a 10-5 loss. Anyone have Batman cell numba? So long Justin, not sure if a you bring Sexy Back but try fi bring Calvin, Kage and the poker gang next time.  Veterans Ross and Kevin were severely tested by Alexis and Rayna. The youngsters bowed out in a tight 10-8 contest. In a see-saw affair the last quarter final was won 10-8 by Alton and Kendal over Ferdie and He That Weareth many hats. Costume change, we have a referee again. Gotta say thanks to Ferdie for helping out. For those interested, Ferdie is da man that runs Bone Crusher Domino club with whom we have a close alliance. 
Next up, the semi finals. Karen and Nick kept their canter as they went easily by Ross and Kevin 10-5. Kevin probably called Ross fassy all the way home. Anyway it was a pretty decent showing by the veterans. The other semi was a much closer affair. Top seeded Alton and Kendal were up against Brenda and Earl who breezed through their quarter final match. In the end Brenda and Earl kept their momentum winning by a couple, 10-8 the score. Setting up a mixed doubles match-up.
If this New Era is a fusion of the past, present and future. The final match-up, could not have been more fitting. For about a decade in a moldy basement at The International Students' Centre at 33 St. George we banged away. Then switched to Flava where the monthly tournaments were born. Nuff Raspec' Marcia and Devon. After a brief stint adding a little Caribbean Flava. Now time to nice it up, Spice it up. Come July, Di big trophy, who ah go hice it up. New Era! New champs about to be crowned on the way to the Summa Spektakula. It was a veeeeery close affair, down the stretch Nick and Karen rallied to tie it up bringing us to that crucial sink or swim game. If we gonna build a solid structure we have to start with one block. Bob wants "One Love", Rita wants "One Draw". Errol want one block and all the low card in his hand. He got it!! Ya baby! Het got it!! They won the tournament by taking the last to first route.With a shout of triumph he uttered "Whe mi money deh?". Congrats Errol and Miss B, Karen and Nick and all others who were on hand. It was a great start. Looking forward to seeing you all next one, later this month.

Mek wi gwaan buil' it up. Til next time gwaan hol' i' dung.

Bless Up Massive                  
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                                                     April Tournament #2 (22/04)
Finally! The great one has gotten around to getting the updates done. Eventually only a paltry 10 teams made it out on what may have been the best day of 07 temperature-wise. Nice!! Inside and outside Spice.
As always we warmed up with the prelims. Ross and Alvin powered their way to the top of the ranking (12-2) by completely destroying the champs Brenda and Errol with a 6-0. Kage (12-5) along with Alexis and Rayna (12-6) went unbeaten in the prelims. The youngsters continue to show signs of promise. Willl it be their day today?
The round of 16 featured Calvin making a return with yet another P This time Jason W. They battled Newcomers Chris and Tony. Calvin made a triumphant return winning 10-6. This capped a winless night for Chris and Tony. Better luck next time. Hope I will be seeing you again. The other match-up saw Brenda and Errol playing another set of newcomers. Yet another Jason (Friday the 13th was over a week prior). In the end we were one Jason less, the champ moved on with a 10-7 victory.
Now on to the 1/4 finals. Brenda and Errol trying to take the same last to first route. Their 1/4 final opponents Kage. From the get go the champs were in trouble. Pretty soon they were hoping to not exit like the Heat. But Kage brought out the broom and swept them away 10-0.
Hopefully may will be better for the tournament champs. The battle was on to crown the new champions. Jason and Marcel blew by Ian and Ferdie 10-2. Ian and Danny were up against youngsters Alexis and Rayna. The youngster went out to a comfortable 7-2 lead. Ian and Danny roared back, tied it up. A/R switched around but had no answer to the late flurry.Ian and Danny closed out the match by winning the last 8 games. Ross and Alvin outlasted Calvin and Jason. Yet another Jason sent packing. 10-8 the score there.
Onto the semis. Ross and Alvin had an easy go of things so far. They were against Ian and Danny who won 8 consecutive to close out the 1/4 round. The latter kept their momentum going by tossing the top seed around like a rag doll. 10-1 was the final score there The other semi had Kage matched up with Jason and Marcel. The two veteran teams had a decent match-up by by a 10-6 scoreline Kage came out on top. And Yet!! Another Jason sent on the way.
Onto the finals. The multiple champs against the team that has been slicing through all others in its way like hot knife through butter. Coming into this match-up, Ian and Danny had won 8 straight prior to a 10-1 drubbing of Ross and Alvin . That is a 18-1 run. Kage sent the champs home 10-0 and outlasted veterans Jason and Marcel in the semis. This final was not even a close encounter 10-3 was the final score. Multiple Champs or the how team? Well with a vicious flurry and a show of true grit Ian and Danny are the new champs. After trailing 7-2 to Alexis and Rayna thy went on a 28-4 run to get past the plucky youngsters, the top seed and the multiple champs. Our new champs, like all true champs are standing tall in the end leaving a trail of destruction behind. Hmm! Sounds like the story of Hurricane.
Who will be able to shut up Ian's big Mouth now?
Did, I hear someone say Dancing Don Dadda?

Next showdown May 27th on the outside if mather nature give us the go ahead.

As Always

  Nuff Raspec'

                                                                  May 2007
The House Of Dreads! That is what I dub Spice on that wet Sunday, May 27th. Showers of blessings rained and most probably opt for some under cover loving instead of getting it on the table. Well! Who knows all a dat probably a gwaan but not in The House Of Dreads.
Only 6 teams were there that wet afternoon. Putting a damper on our plan for an outside slamfest. Inside da House was a Calypso group that does a regular last Sunday gig at Spice. They provided a sprinkling of Soca and later on some soothing lover's rock. The prelim round ended with Rambo as the star, him and P Booty were seeded at #1, Calvin and Jason earned the other free pass into the semis.
The 1st round match-ups were interesting. One featured Alton and Kendal against Ian and Leroy. Alton was eager for this game because he had bounced The Real Showman a couple tournaments back. Well! That day he had no answer. Ah beat him wid style, school and psychology. Ian "The Hammer" and the man you all call The Great One drove the nail into Alton coffin, 10-5. So long sir! The other match was a rematch between Alexis and Rayna and Ian and Danny. Last month A/R blew a huge lead against I/D that started their furious kick that saw them slice through everyone enroute to a very dominant win. A/R wouldn't give the champs a chance to repeat the feat (last month's), they moved into the semis with a 10-7 win.
Time to roll out the red carpet for the semis. Rambo is ready to grace us with his presence. Leroy and Ian were ready to rumble with the Hollywood heavyweight. After a see-saw start Ian hammered away to a 6-3 advantage. But then the natty dem start to flash some signs of coming to life. I saw Curlin pulled a kind of rally to roar back in spectacular fashion denying Street Sense a shot at the triple crown. The larger than life celebs won 7 in a row to send The Late One back to the official table. In the second semi, Alexis and Rayna went at it with Calvin and Jason. It came down to a final headbob. Alexis and Rayna by a whisker won a 10-9 match and were next to take a shot at the star.
In the final, look like the players must have been nervous. The stewards were kept very busy, so many dropped dominoes. Rambo drew 1st blood streaking out to a 7-0 lead. Alexis and Rayna won 9 in a row. Rambo and Booty tied it up at 9. For one last time, this time fatal, an exposed domino ended the game. Alexis' domino exposed and I am sure that has him still tasting the championship that slipped through his fingers. On top of the podium two lions wid ankle length manes pass di kutchie po di lef' han' side...ahem! ahem!

Nuff Raspec' 
                                                            June 24th - Playa's Ball
New Era, New format and new champs. 8 teams including the return of Fay and Gary. No Hollywood here though the champs were MIA so at the end of the day a new champ would be crowned. The top 3 in the standings were all on hand. Given the right circumstances any of the runners-up could vault into the lead. With no major rivalries (yet) the prelims were not as hyped but they were the ideal precursor to all the happenings down the road in the playoff. Brenda and Errol crushed their competition enroute to a 2 and 0 record conceding only one game and beating the sh*t out of Jason Allen and Troy. They served up the only love of the night. Alexis and Rayna also went 2-0.
On to the playoffs. Trying to pick up where they left off the top seeded team drew for their old beating stick. A piece a cut ass go dung again, 10-2. This time the beating stick did exactly that. Jason and Troy requested a big tune name TEK WHE YUHSELF. Dem dem draw fi di firestick (torch) and fling whe di beating stick. Alton and Kendal went up against El Prediente (Clinton) and da man every one calls great. A/K  mouthing off how they always send me packing. On tournament day they were packing the heat as well opening up a very commanding 9-2 lead and then The Great sellout gave them the last one on an exposed card. Alexis and Rayna called out Ian and Danny who were sitting atop the tables. Well A/R brought out the tables, chair and the dam kitchen sink leaving the leaders bruised up clutching the pom poms to try and save their lead atop the standing. If Alexis and Rayna got to the finals they would most likely ascend to the top. Calvin and Fish finally together again squared off against the prodigals Fay and Gary. They quickly sent them back out the door after a 10-7 triumph.
On to the semis. Troy and Jason were once again picked on, this time Alexis and Rayna called them out. Sound like Capleton enetered the room and told them to bring MORE FIRE. Alexis and Rayna got scorched 10-2. Dats wha yuh get when yuh play wid fire. Ian and Danny waving their pom poms wildly after cheering against Alexis and Rayna.  Guess Alton and Kendal always grumble about how they always have to play Calvin. Well they had to do it yet again. Calvin and his regular P, Fish, this time around. A/K got past Calvin this time around 10-7 the score.
The final game, as revealed many times before, proved that the playoff is where it all matters. Alton and Kendal were at the bottom of the standing. Troy and Jason were two places above them after the prelims. Troy and Jason eliminated the top teams in the first two playoff rounds. Well that is a real understatment they light a fire under them. They got their stiffest test in the final. It was closely contested but ... On a day when Emma Jane was making history in the Queen's Plate. One of my favourite grapplers, The Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit went bezerk our new champs were burning down Spice. Jason and Troy were blazing the torch way ahead of Bejing 2008 (Asafa and Ver Ver or Sherone to bring some gold come back a yaad). Any and anything whe play wid di fire dunn get bun up. Alton and Kendal came within two points but NOTHING CAN STOP THE FIRE. 

Congrats champs I want to see the rest of the crew. Bring them down to see if any of them has what it takes to keep the belts in the fam. July 22 hardware. August More hardware at the Summa Spatakula.

Maimum Wristpec', anklespec'  and toespec'

Mr. Lee

                                                                        July 2007
Anything but a calm before the storm, July's
warm up for the Summa Spektakula turned out to be scorching hot. Real Spicey!! Only 8 teams were in attendance but at the end of the prelim all 8 had won a game and lost a game. Of course, Jason F di original Jason along with regular P Marcel drop supp'n pon that other Jason guy that was crowned champ last month, his P the man they call Longa (Troy). Last month the champs spun their early misfortune into championship gold. New Era points leaders Ian and Danny issued an early warning to their closest pursuers, Alexis and Rayna with a little love to warm them up.
Both of the teams that gave love were sorted out atop the standings with by a one game playoff. Jason and Marcel earned the top seed. At the other end, Alexis and Rayna beat out Jason and Troy to avoid being the cellar dwellers. This win, however, set up a 1st round matchup with Ian and Danny. Last month Alexis and Rayna gave Ian and Danny a set of pom poms to cheer against them. This month they opened up a comfortable 7-3 lead. At this juncture there was a dispute about an exposed card. Seem as if Danny was breaking his neck to look at a card that Rayna dropped on the floor. I suggest that we pay attention to the rules. It's a long list but take time out to review them. The table is basically considered the field of play, if a player  drop a card on the floor please allow them the opportunity to pick it up. I saw in a later match where the players were wrestling to see what a domino that fell to the floor was. Give them that chance to pick it up, if it looks suspicious call over the official that way we can issue a warning. Take a few minutes to look over the
rules. Back to the matchup, Ian and Danny took adavntage of the rattled youngsters to forge ahead 9-7. Alexis and Rayna tied it up. Sideline reports have it that Alexis had an opportunity to put that final nail in the coffin but gave Ian and Danny a life. Their hope to move into the number one spot was also asphixiated. The Jasons were also matched up against each other in the forst round. This time, when it counts Jason Allen aka Sir Leo made an advance toward another title. They rushed out to a 7-0 lead. They would not avenge the earlier shutout loss but moved on easily conceding only 2 games. Rambo was back, his p Booty. They took on Kendal and Alton. Another close game with a little bit of drama. "Wha dat Rambo inna drama now?" " What happened tough guy?"
There was a game where Kendal had just one card and Rambo bowed his hand. Alton was trying to dispute the win because Kandal was ahead of Rambo when he bowed his card. Kendal conceded because he had a non-winnable domino. Once again folks if there is a player ahead of you in the game you can't bow your card. If you are
not in the lead and you show your cards you will lose. If Alton had protested that game to a tournament official he would have gotten the win. That could have prolonged their life because they lost 10-8. With  that win they could have moved on and who knows what could have happened from there. The Great One and his P Dom were back together to face off against Paul Block and Kevin whose regular P Ross was nowhere to be seen. Leroy and Dom led 5-0 but Kevin and Paul stormed back, surged ahead and held on to win 10-8.
In the semis, Paul and Kevin went up against Hollywood legend Rambo and his P Booty. In the end it was lights out in Hollywood. Rambo and Booty got dusted off 10-8. Not much drama, maybe a lot of action that was overshadowed by the drama on the other table. Once again involving Ian and Danny this time though they weren't the only drama kings. In a closely contested game Troy made a boom shoot that should have given Jason the victory but Jason musthave had a brain freeze, he took and bad pass wid that big ole double 6 inna him han'. How could he have missed that, Ian and Danny got the win as a result of that screw up. The very next game, before the pose Ian dropped his card it was 5-s (ace, one whatever). Troy who has the physique of a WWE superstar was wrestling Ian to see the exposed domino. The thing here is that it was their pose he could have posed that card. Or the game could have been reshuffled if he picked it up because there was no pose yet. Anyway after all that nonsense Jason and Troy got back to work and won a tough 10-9 contest against Ian and Danny. In the end it was all about mutual respect between two teams that I think will be battling for supremacy one the new season starts. Hopefully we will get the same competitiveness at the Summa Spektakula.
In the final, Jason and Troy took the 1st game. Jason's phone rang "Hi Mom!"  was the response. I thought "Hi Mom" was supposed to be reserved for the cameras usually in the post game interviews. Well either mom inspired Jason to snapout of his earlier slumber that almost cost him a semi final win. Or, maybe he had a curfew and was tring to make it because from that point on they were unstoppable. They ran ahead 8-3 and close out Paul and Kevin 10-5. Well Jason, I guess you deserve to be called Sir.
In a Michael Buffer like voice).  Introducing to you. For the 1st time in the Spice Era back to back champs who have once again spun early ass whooping into championship gold. Sir Leo and the man they call Longa.
This time they hoisted the Spicetacula trophies to go along with some spending money for our parade. Paul and Kevin also got some hardware for their effort. Nothing to hang your heads about.
So everybody BIG UP. Summa Spektakula is up next. BBQ fun and all that stuff spread the word let's try and improve on a good thing going into a new season.    

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