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Battery Rodney-Best

N 3934.295 W07534.908 (USCGS "Dupont")

Originally all four pits were named Battery Rodney - named after Caesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Major General of the Delaware Militia. Prior to WWI, the rear pits were named Battery Best - after Major Clermont L. Best of the Artillery Corps. who died in 1903. Battery Best initially consisted of eight M1890 12-inch mortars on M1896 carriages but four were removed by 1921. The same was true for Battery Rodney. In the rear of Best is a Mine Casemate and a switchboard room. Two mortars from each of the four pits served until 1942.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. page 140}

Mine Casemate N 3934.349 W07534.920

Switchboard Room

Rodney mortar pit B

Rodney mortar pit A

Entrance to Rodney pit A (note the control booth)

Entrance into Best pit A

Best pit B

Best pit A

A newer Battery Commander's station

Inside the BC station

Original Rodney BC station

Original Best BC station

Generator room entrance and stairs to Best BC


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