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Photographs of Fort DuPont

Battery Gibson-Read

N 3934.083 W07534.709

Built beginning in 1898 and served until WWI. Battery Gibson had two M1888 8-inch guns on M1896 disappearing carriages which were flanked on either side by two M1888 12-inch guns on M1892 barbette carriages. The 12-inch guns made up Battery Read. Battery Gibson was named for Colonel James Gibson who was killed in action at Fort Erie, Canada in 1814. Battery Read was named for George Read, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, US Senator, and Chief Justice of Delaware's Supreme Court.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. pages 110 & 136}

Batteries Gibson & Read

Read gun emplacement #2

Read gun emplacement #1

Gibson gun emplacement #2

Gibson gun emplacement #1

Battery Ritchie & CRF Station

Named for Captain John Ritchie, an artillery officer, killed in 1814 at Lundy's Lane near Niagara Falls, Canada. This battery had two 5-inch guns on pedestal mounts. The guns were removed by 1921. This battery no longer exists. Near Elder and Ritchie is a Coincidence Range Finding station.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. page 90}

CRF station. N 3934.292 W07534.711

Battery Elder (7)

Named after Major Samuel S. Elder, an artillery officer during the Civil War who died in 1885. This battery consisted of two 3-inch rapid-fire guns on pedestal mounts. It served until 1942 when both guns were removed and transferred to Reedy Island a short distance downriver.
{see "American Seacoast Defenses" 2nd Ed. page 72}

Battery Elder

B.C. station.

Gun emplacement #2

Gun emplacement #1


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