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Photographs of Cape May

Towers and Miscellaneous

Fire Control Towers 25 and 26 were located in Wildwood but were torn down.
Searchlight Towers 16 - 19 were also at Wildwood.
Searchlight Towers 11 - 15 were located at Cape May and Cape May Point.

Remains of one of three communication towers. (see below)

Same site now mostly buried behind the fence.

3 Navy tripod radio towers in 1965. (courtesy of Cape May Point State Park)
Left - washed away / Middle - N 3855.898 W07457.556 / Right - N 3855.960 W07457.597

1940's aerial view of the barracks area (now the parking lot).
(coutrtesy of Cape May Point State Park)

Another Navy tower site near the lighthouse.

Cape May Lighthouse - N 3855.980 W07457.623 (USCGS)

Tower 23 at Sunset Beach. N 3856.608 W07458.022

Tower 24 at the Grand Hotel which was built around the tower.

Another view of Tower 24. N 3855.985 W07454.480
Tower 25 at Wildwood Gables and Tower 26 at North Wildwood no longer exist.

Remains of the concrete ship "Atlantus" at Sunset Beach.


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