Justus Strawbridge

Justus Strawbridge (Trowbridge)
Born: Nov. 1, 1771, Hanover (now part of Morris Township), Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: 1840, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania
Parents: Shubael Trowbridge I & Mary Bayles
First Marriage: probably 1790s, Morris Co., New Jersey
First Wife: Susan Williams
Born: before 1783, probably Morris Co., New Jersey
Died: maybe before 1801, Pennsylvania
Parents: Joseph Williams & Rachel Thompson or Mary Pierson?
Second Marriage: about 1801, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania
Second Wife: Susannah Maus
Born: 1765, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died: Still alive as of 1840
Parents: Philip Maus & Frances Heap


(Justus Strawbridge & Susannah Maus)

Philip Maus Strawbridge

Shobel Strawbridge

Dr. George F. Strawbridge

Joseph Strawbridge

Anna Eliza Strawbridge

Born: Feb. 28, 1808, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania
Died: unknown
Marriage: unknown
Husband: M. Isaac Mouser
Born: unknown
Died: unknown



According to Francis Bacon Trowbridge in "The Trowbridge Genealogy", Justus apparently moved to Columbia Co., Pennsylvania, where his descendents adopted the last name of "Strawbridge".Francis Bacon Trowbridge obtained the information on Justus Strowbridge's descendents from the Mary Stiles Guild book, "The Strobridge-Strawbridge Genealogy", published in 1891. He believed that the Justus Strowbridge listed in this genealogy was Shubael's son because the Mary Guild information corresponded with family traditions handed down from the two elder branches of the family that remained in Morris County (Augustine and Jabez Trowbridges descendents) that stated Justus and John "went to Pennsylvania, or the West, changed their names to Strowbridge, and one of them had a son who was a doctor."Francis Bacon Trowbridge further writes "the Justus Strowbridge in the Mary Stiles Guild genealogy is more than likely Justus Trowbridge because he not only lived in Pennsylvania, but also had a son who was a doctor, and a son named Shobel." The only problem with Francis Bacon Trowbridge's theory is with Morris county quitclaim deeds regarding Justus, who already spelled his name Strawbridge when he left Morris County. One quitclaim deed to his brother Augustine lists his wife as Susan Williams. Susan Williams may have been his step-sister through his mother, Mary Bayles second husband, Joseph Williams. If Justus had been married to her, she probably died before 1801, which is the year Mary Guild lists Susannah Maus as Justus'wife. Susannah Maus was born in Pennsylvania, and her parents were Philip Maus, and Frances Heap. Philip Maus was ten years of age when he came from Prussia to America with his father and mother, Fredrick and Susanna Maus.

You can read excerpts from the Mary Stiles Guild book, "The Strobridge-Strawbridge Genealogy", published in 1891, at the web page of Alexander White. Special thanks to Cristi Starr for information on the Maus family.


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