Insanity in Gundam Wing Graphic Novels
Looking for an incredibly insane persone to have typed up an entire graphic novel so you could read it?  You found her...
Now the necessary stuff:
If anyone's curious why I insanely typed this whole frekin' thing up...well I was bored and had nothin better to do...

How I typed this:
- Pg #:
- Name: = who's talking
- Alliance soldier or OZ soldier = looking at the uniforms I distinguished between the two
- If a section is tabbed in under a name it means the same person is still talking, but it's in a different speach bubble
- *CAPITAL LETTERS* or *small letters* = an action is taking place, large or small depends on how it was written on the page
- *ACTION* (words) or *action* (words) = clarification of the action added by me
- JUST CAPITAL LETTERS = The name or title of a person or place that was in caps on the page
Note: Sometimes the boys may be in their Gundam, but I won't distinguish, so just assume if they're fighting, or if it's just after, that they're most likely in it.

I am not trying to infringe on any copyright laws!  This is for the enjoyment of fans who may not be able to purchase this Graphic Novel on thier own.  All of the copyright information is typed and present on this page.

Please don't copy ANY (unless it's one or two quotes) of this and use it on your own website!  I was insane, yes, at typing this up but I don't want all the hard work I went to ruined because some igit can't bother to e-mail me and ask.  If you want any, you have to e-mail me FIRST, ask, send a link to your page, and if I approve of the content there (no hentai, foul language, ect.) I'll allow you to, also you have to put up a link to my page, on the SAME page as where you have the text posted! (

Front Cover:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (logo) 1
©Sotsu Agency. Sunrise. ANB

Art by Koichi Tokita
Story by Hajie Yadate & Yoshiyuki Tomino


Back Cover:
Graphic Novel

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (logo)

USA $9.95
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing #1
Pocket Edition

AFTER COLONY 195- The year of destiny.  Humanity had long ago escaped its earthly bonds and colonized space.  But decades after their ancestors first settled in space, the colonists are now opressed by the power hungry Earth Allied Forces.
OPERATION M- The space colonies' last hope, five young pilots trained to operate the most fearsome fighting machines mankind had ever created- GUNDAM.  Their mission: to take down the EAF and its sinister secret society, OZ.  The fight for the future begins.

MIXX MANGA Pocket Edition

Pg 1:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (logo)
Picture: Wing Gundam and Heero
Art by Koichi Tokita
Story by Hajime Yadate & Yoshiyuki Tomino

Pg 2:
1. 5 Secret Weapons- Gundam----5
2. OZ Makes A Move--------------47
3. Heero Versus Zechs
    A Hot Battle in Antarctica-----91
4. Boys Wander--------------------130
Bonus Story: Domon W---------164

Mixx Entertainment Presents
Gundam Wing 1 by Koich Tokita
Mixx Manga Pocket Edition is an imprint of Mixx Entertainment, Inc.
ISBN: 1-892213-41-9
First Printing May 2000

10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1

Story originally appeared in Gundam Wing Mixx Manga No. 1 through No. 4 in its entirety.

English text  ©2000 Mixx Entertainment, Inc.  Original Japanese version ©1995 Koichi Tokita.  ©1995 SOTSU AGENCY. SUNRISE. ANB.  All rights reserved.  Translator- Yuki Ichimura.  Retouch Artist- Romualdo Viray II and Bernard San Juan. Colorist- John Ott.  Graphic Assistant- Steve Kindernay.  Graphic Designer- Akemi Imafuku.  Associate Editor- Jake Forbes.  Editor- Mary Coco.  Production Coordinater- Fred Lui.  Director of Publishing- Henry Kornman.  First published in Japan by Kodansha, Ltd., Tokyo.  English publication rights arranged through Kodansha, Ltd.  Original artwork reversed for this edition.  No part of this book may be produced by any means, without permission in writing from the copyright holders.  The stories, characters, and incidents in this publication are entirely fictional.  Printed in the USA.

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