Pg 46:
Picture of Heero

Pg 47:
Picture:Wing Gundam, Heero, and Relena

Pg 48:
Random soldier: It's an enemy attack! We're being attacked by an unidentified MS!
Noin: My base!
Noin: My students!

Pg 49:
Wufei: Stay back! If you wanna live!
Noin: It's a Gundam . . .

Pg 50:
Zechs: When I arrived there, most of the facility had been destroyed, though Special Lt. Noin had survived.
Treize: You're very luckky. You're the only one who survived the battles.
Zechs: With the information obtained from Operation M, I believe that are a total of five MS'.
They all seem to be made of Gundanium alloy which, as you know, is only found in space.
Treize: So, they are Gundam.
Zechs: Would you grant me permission to use Tallgeese, sir?
Treize: That antique? Granted. I'm counting on you, Zechs.
Zechs: Yes, sir!

Pg 51:
Une: Are you sure you can trust Zechs, sir?
Treize: He's a useful man. By the way, Lady Une . . .
Now that the colonial rebels have made a move, we must take advantage of this opportunity, so OZ can gain control over all mankind.  You'll take care of the Foreign Minister!
Une: Yes, sir! I'll do my best!

Pg 52:
Heero: OZ executives will gather at Los Angeles on that day. Roger.
Heero: I will attack with my Wing!
Relena: Heero!
I finally found you. What are you doing in the mountains?
*gasp gasp*(tired from running)
Heero: Relena Darlian . . .

Pg 53:
Relena: That pilot suit and MS--who are you. anyway?!
Heero: Ha, ha, ha!
Me? I'm a killer.
*quick*(moves hand)
Relena: Alright.    If you promise me I'm your last victim, go ahead and kill me.
*PULL* (pulls his hand to her neck)
Heero: What?
Relena: I know you have a kind heart.
Heero: . . . . . . . . . . . .
*VOOM* (Aries flys over head)

Pg 54:
Relena: Heero!
*ZOOM* (Wing Gundam comes up out of trees)
Relena: !!

Pg 55:
Aries pilot: What's that?!
Heero: OZ MS Aries is confirmed! Fire!
Heero: I will defeat OZ!

Pg 56:
Heero: Bird Mode!
Relena: Heero . . .   Come back . . . and kill me.

Pg 57:
Narrator: Los Angeles Base- The meeting was in progress on that day, but . . .
Noventa: For us to peacefully coexist with the colonies, we must reduce arms and dissolve OZ!
If we start disarmament, the colonies will agree to do the same!
Isn't it time for us to take the step to make peace with the colonies?!
Narrator: The people at the meeting were the Allies' pacifists.
*clap clap clap*
Narrator: Everything was going the way Treize had planned.

Pg 58:
Noventa: What's that?!
Alliance soldier: It's an enemy raid!
The base is under attack!
Treize: It's about time, Gundam.
*pip* (presses button)
Zechs: We've got the signal! Launch an attack!
Une: people of OZ! It is time to take up arms!

Pg 59:
Picture: of Wing Gundam

Pg 60:
Heero: Hm?!
Duo: hey, buddy!  We meet again!

Pg 61:
Duo: I'm dying to settle that fight with you, but I've got work t do.
It'll wait till later.
Heero: Try not to get in my way.

Pg 62:
Duo: What the?!
*pip pip pep*
Duo: Three new objects on radar?!
Heero: Newcomers . . .
Let's Rumble!
Duo or Heero: Wait a minute, they're . . .
. . . attacking the Allies' MS!

Pg 63:
Duo: They are Gundam!
Quatre: They're colonial fighters on the same mission as us?!

Pg 64 and 65:
Picture: All five Gundams fighting Leos

Pg 66:
Quatre: So, you guys are on my side right?
Trowa: No one's on my side.
Wufei: I'm only fighting for NAtaku.

Pg 67:
Duo: What a bunch of jerks!
Narrator: Relena was at that very moment, visiting one of the colonies with her father--he was attending yet another meeting.
Mr. Darlian: What?! Field Marshall Noventa is being attacked?!
Une: The Earth just reported that the colonial rebels are responsible.
Mr. Darlian: That can't be true!
Une: I will try and confirm. pleas stay here.
I will be back.
*QUICK* (puts her compact on the table)

Pg 68:
Une: Three more minutes . . .
Relena: (enters room) What happened, father?
Mr. Darlian: Relena. This will take awhile. Come back later.
Relena: Okay.
?  It's Une's compact.
Une: Ten seconds . . .
Relena: Excuse me?
I think you left this.

Pg 69:
Une: !!
How could you?!

Pg 70:
Relena: Father!
Une: What a shame! Get that girl!  If she resistes, kill her!
Relena: Father are you alright?!
Mr. Darlian: Mm . . . Relena, listen . . .  You're not my real daughter . . .
Relena: What are you talking about, father?
Mr. Darlian: You're Relena Peacecraft, the princess of the pacifist nation, Peacecraft.
OZ . . .
Watch out for OZ . . .

Pg 71:
Relena: Father!
Relena: Ooooh . . .
*QUICK* (cloth over Relena's mouth)
Relena: !!
Relena: Ooh . . .

Pg 72:
Heero: I will destroy all OZ' weapons!
Trowa: Damm! I'm out of bullets!

Pg 73:
Quatre: Are you alright?!
I'm Quatre Raberba Winner on Gundam Sandrock.
Trowa: I don't need help!
Quatre: But if we each help each other, we'll be more effective in our mission.
Trowa: That may be true.
I'm Trowa. Trowa Barton.
Quatre: Let's do ths together.

Pg 74:
OZ soldier: Field Marshall Noventa! The shuttle is this way!
Noventa: Right. I can't die here.
Treize: I'll escort you to my shuttle, General Septem.
Septem: Huh?! Oh, all right.
Noventa: I must survive and work for peace!
Heero: That's an OZ shuttle!
You're not getting away!
*grin* (Treize)

Pg 75:
Noventa: What?!
*SLASH* (shuttle blows up)
Septem: Field Marshall Noventa!
Treize: That's the colonies' way. They do not desire peace.

Pg 76:
Treize: Onlu 5 Gundams destroyed the entire Los Angeles Base.

Pg 77:
Duo: Well . . .
Quatre: These guys can't be my enemies . . .
*OUT* (energy blade on Wing)
Duo: Let's do it!
*OUT* (scythe on Deathscythe)
Quatre: Wait!

Pg 78:
Wufei: No more useless fighting!
Duo, Trowa, and Heero: Say what?!
Wufei: Listen to the Allies' broadcast and hear for yourself! We've been set up!
Duo: !!
Septem: While we were discussing peace, the colonials attacked us!
The Gundam killed that pacifist Fiels Marshall Noventa!
Heero: !

Pg 79:
Relena: Huh?!
Man: Are you awake now, young lady?
This is our colonial hideout. You're safe here.
Dr. J: We couldn't let OZ kill you , too, so we brought you here!
Relena: Father . . .
Who are you?
Dr. J: I'm Doctor J.
I'm the one who trained Heero yuy to be a professional killer.
Relena: Why did you do that to Heero?!

Pg 80:
Dr. J: you probably won't understand, but Heero's fighting for peace.
People start wars, and people end wars. Heero will end this war.
Relena: Why not use more peaceful means?
Dr. J: The colonials gained peace with much hardship . . .
. . . with the help of the leader Heero, 20 years ago.
Relena: Heero?
Dr. J: Heero's a legendary leader.    We gave our boy the same code name.
Years ago, like now, OZ was a secret society that sought to take control of the Earth and the Colonies. They manipulated the Allies, developed weapons, and tried to start wars, all for their own gain.
Heero stood up to them and stopped them!

Pg 81:
*SLAM* (fist)
Dr. J: OZ outsmarted us again!
Treize, OZ' commander in cheif used us and took control of the militaray!
OZ will rule the world!
Narrator: Under Treize's leader ship, OZ has already gained control over the Allies . . .
Treize: Great speech, General.
(two OZ soldiers stand with smoking guns in had and Septem is dead on the floor)
Narrator: . . . under the pretext of fighting the colonial rebels.

Pg 82:
Duo: Ow, man. We're the bad guys now.
Quatre: I don't believe this . . .
Wufei: I will beat OZ by myself if I have to.
Zechs: Drop your weapons, Gundam!
Heero: It's you!!

Pg 83:
Zechs: We meet again, bird Gundam. I'm Zechs of OZ.
Heero: You were the pilot of that Leo!
Zechs: I've come for a rematch.
This Tallgeese should have the same output as your Gundam!  Fight me!
Une: I don't think so, Zechs!
*KABOOM* (colony blows up)
Zechs: What?! Lady Une!! What did you do?!

Pg 84:
Une: I've destroyed one of the L1 colonies.
Hand over the Gundam, or all the colonies will be destroyed.
Heero: A colony was attacked . . .
It's all my fault . . .
Zechs: Stop this insanity! That's not what the General wants!
Une: Shut up, Zechs!
I'm arresting the terrorists for the General!

Pg 85:
Dr. J: Attention, OZ!
We are stunned by your stupidity!
Heero: Doctor J?!
Dr. J: You attacked civilians without mercy!
Your target was supposed to be the anti-OZ force Gundam!
We will never yeild to the merciless OZ! You will not have Gundam!
Une: It's colonial communications . . .
Heero: They will not have Gundam, Roger.
I'm self-destruction Gundam!

Pg 86:
Relena: Heero, don't do that! You're supposed to come and kill me!
Dr. J: Hey!
*LOOK* (Heero looks at the video screen)
Heero: Relena?
Zechs: Is that Relena? It can't be . . .
Heero: Humph . . .
Heero: Roger that and . . .

Pg 87:
*KABOOM* (Wing Gundam blows up)
Relena: Heero!

Pg 88:
Picture of Heero

Pg 89:
Zechs: He self-destructed?!
Relena: Heero!
(pictures of Dr. J, Duo-suprised, Trowa, Quatre-surprised, Wufei, and Heero-falling)
Zechs: That boy is the pilot of the Gundam?!
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