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Here is a page containing links to various songs, poems and stuff that I have written at some point or other. The quality is variable but what did you expect on a self-gratifying website like this?


2007 Federal Election Campaign Songs for ABC Local Radio Brisbane

How to Make Up a Ten Point Gap

The Australian Labor Party’s Pitch to Youth

We Used to Be Important (A Democrat’s Lament)

Vote Below the Line

Safe Seat Blues


Songs for How Hard Can It Be? on ABC Local Radio Brisbane in 2007

Your Love is Like Yellowcake (a Eurovision parody)

The Kevin Andrews Resume Song

Kevin’s Night in Scores


Five Good Reasons Debates on ABC Local Radio Brisbane

Chicken Should Never Be Put on a Pizza (31 August 2007)

David Beckham is the Perfect Modern Male (30 November 2007)


Miscellaneous Writings from Daniel

Handful of Limericks

Ode to Pizza Hut

Swingin’ on a Star – extra verses

The Rugby League Players’ Sexual Misconduct Song

The Ballad of Glenn and Ramnaresh

A White Australian – parody of I Am Australian

Ode to Mark Philippoussis

Abu Bakar Bashir

Review of James Blunt’s Back to Bedlam



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