Daniel's Theories on Life

Danielís Theories on Life


* denotes someone else's line


I would not be alive today if it werenít for the grace and forgiveness of good-hearted people.


The best political party is the one who does the most for the most vulnerable people.


The hardest working people in the world are also the poorest.


Itís a lot easier to work hard if you know that you can come home to a big house and be guaranteed food on the table.


So many areas in today's society value how much a person can do over what a person can do. The consequence of this is that producing a high volume of work which toes the line is valued more than creative thinking that highlights the deficiencies in our society.


Smart boys in primary school fall hopelessly in love with girls who can beat them in spelling tests.


Humourless people are rarely able to look at themselves objectively.


Women who claim that "all the good men are either married or gay" are usually impossible to please.


Singing is breathing with style.


The number of rape incidences would fall dramatically if more were done to raise men's self-esteem.


Jargon is a highly effective way of alienating people who are not part of your group.


The popular theory that constantly facetious people use their humour as a barrier to emotions and connections is not universal. Many people use their humour as a creative outlet in an effort to reach out to people.


The time will come when the world has had enough of being a constant spectator.


Sometimes the only way to tell if someone is still alive is to insult them.


Being nice to people is a good thing to do, but not all of the time.


People who construct rules for every part of their life do this so that they do not have to think.


Australia is not the best country in the world. It is quite possibly the safest 'developed' country in the world, but any country that constantly drags down those who try to do good cannot be the best.


The purpose of good satire is so that there are no illusions.*


Beer tastes awful and alcohol puts distance between people. How is this good?


I hope that I never judge a child by an adult standard and that I apologise when I do.


One of the best things about being a man is the ability to experiment with facial hair.


Love is more important than truth.*


Neckties are a symbol of conformity* (Biddulph). I am never wearing another one.


Sport is a creative outlet for the body and mind, therefore, the pursuit of victory is, at best, a secondary consideration in sport.


People become vegetarians for one of three reasons: personal health; animal rights; fear of evolutionary revenge.


Two of my friends share a birthday. One is a computer technician who is very quiet, even-tempered and studious; the other is a loudmouth economics graduate with a colourful sex life and a daily cocktail of anti-depressants. I take this as conclusive proof that horoscopes are wrong.


The adjective 'outrageous' is used by TV station voice-overs to describe comedies that aren't funny.


Everything in life should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler* (Einstein).


Complex words should be reserved for complex ideas.


The battle between reason and emotion is pointless. We all need both.


Just because there may be more than one right answer doesnít mean that any answer is right.



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