Daniel Viles' Likes and Dislikes

So, What Does Daniel Viles Like?



     good, creative music (playing, singing, writing, composing, listening, analysing)

     creative, thought provoking movies

     any other art form in which the artist gives a damn about what they're doing

     performing in public

     sport (cricket, rugby union, soccer, tennis)

     talking and writing about sport

     matching wits

     being funny

     being spontaneous

     being a loony

     people who also enjoy the above four

     people who have a knack for finding beauty in unconventional places

     listening to people who have good things to say

     listening to people who have hard things to say

     Eastern Europe (particularly Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

     train rides (with leg room)


     abstract designs

     cool breezes



     competitive attitudes

     pragmatic, results-oriented attitudes to life, work, sport, music, etc...

     bad, uncreative art and music

     the class system

     brussel sprouts

     when I give someone a feeder line to a self-deprecating joke, which they then take, and then they tell me that I "walked right into that one"

     not being trusted

     being treated as though I'm stupid

     being told to "be careful"

     people who tell me to cheer up when I am having a bad day

     people who think that always having a smile on your face is a good thing

     people who think that always being cynical is a good thing

     fathers whose sons call them "sir"

     the current state of men's clothing (pooncey colours, tight cuts, pants with thirty pockets, and what the hell is going on with this retro thing?)

     drivers who dont come to a complete stop at pedestrian crossings


Favourite Foods

     chips and salsa dip

     yoghurt, normal and frozen

     fruit cake

     fruit juice (particularly any stonefruit flavour, e.g. peach, apricot, mango)

     mixed berry smoothies

     pasta in any form

     doner kebabs



Favourite Musicians

(probably best to just go to my music pages, there are quite a few who get a mention)


Favourite Composers

     Johann Sebastian Bach

     Bela Bartok

     Claude Debussy

     Ross Edwards

     Charles Ives

     Carl Vine

     Nigel Westlake


Favourite Actors

     Woody Allen

     Roberto Benigni

     Jim Carrey

     Russell Crowe

     Jeff Daniels

     Hugh Grant

     Nigel Hawthorne

     Kevin Kline

     Matthew Perry

     Katherine Slattery

     Hugo Weaving

     David Wenham

     Robin Williams

     Reese Witherspoon


Favourite Movies

     A Beautiful Mind

     About a Boy

     American Beauty

     Bend It Like Beckham

     BMX Bandits

     Changi (TV mini-series)

     Chariots of Fire

     Dead Poets Society


     East is East

     Fantasia 2000


     The Full Monty

     La Vita Bella (Life is Beautiful)

     Mighty Aphrodite



     Sabrina (1996)


     The Truman Show

     Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Favourite Musicals (movies and stage shows)


     Mary Poppins

     Moulin Rouge

     The Muppet Movie

     The Pirates of Penzance

     The Sound of Music

     Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


Favourite TV shows

     Due South


     Get Smart

     La Linea

     Maid Marion and her Merry Men

     Monty Python's Flying Circus

     The Muppet Show

     Press Gang


     Sesame Street

     The Sooty Show

     Spicks and Specks


     Swap Shop

     Whose Line is it Anyway? (UK and US versions)


Favourite Comedians and Satirists

     The Chaser

     John Clarke

     Billy Connolly

     D-Generation (particularly Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro)

     Andrew Denton

     Doug Anthony All Stars (Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, Paul McDermott)

     The Goons (Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers)

     Monty Python (Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin)

     Glynn Nicholas

     Tony Robinson

     Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson


Favourite Sportspersons

     Kennet Andersson (football)

     Jorge Campos (football)

     Fanie de Villiers (cricket)

     David Gower (cricket)

     Craig Johnston (football)

     Phil Kearns (rugby)

     Stephen Larkham (rugby)

     Henri Leconte (tennis)

     Colin Miller (cricket)

     Jana Novotna (tennis)

     Tomas Ravelli (football)

     Sarah Ryan (swimming)

     Pat Symcox (cricket)

     Peter Tunks (rugby league)

     Cabous van der Westhuizen (rugby)

     Mark Woodforde (tennis)


Favourite Sports Commentators

     Jonathan Agnew (cricket)

     John Arlott (cricket)

     Richie Benaud (cricket)

     Harsha Bhogle (cricket)

     Warren Boland (rugby league)

     Dennis Cometti (Australian Rules / swimming)

     Gerry Harrison (football)

     Brian Johnston (cricket)

     Tim Lane (cricket / Australian Rules)

     Bruce McAvaney (track and field)

     Martin Tyler (football)


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