Health Warning on Daniel Viles

Health Warning on Daniel Viles


In November 2005, I sent out invitations to my birthday party which included the “That’s Not My Trim” photograph seen on the front of this website. One of the recipients, Leigh Heydon, did not receive the email because her server at work blocked it. This is what she received instead.




An email communication received at your email account has been detected by Queensland Health Filtering Software as containing text and/or images that may be inappropriate.  The relevant email was sent to you by with a subject of : "Daniel is a dufus!"


The Director-General has instructed that Queensland Health personnel must ensure that the use of the Queensland Health Information Network is professional, ethical, moral and in accordance with public accountability standards.


Queensland Health personnel have been previously advised that the use of the Queensland Health Information Network is monitored and that inappropriate use may constitute a breach of the Queensland Health Code of Conduct and in some cases may amount to Official Misconduct.


You are therefore encouraged to:


- Delete the message concerned

- Not forward the message to any other email address: and

- Contact the originator of the message and request that they refrain from sending such material to Queensland Health in future.


As the filtering technology concerned makes automatic assessments based on the use of certain words, text, images, hair, skin, etc, occasionally material that does not offend Departmental protocols is captured, eg. clinical images.


If you fall into the category, kindly disregard this notice.


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