Diane Spencer

Cary, NC

E-mail - spencer2@niehs.nih.gov

Diane wrote in September 2008:

I'm still living in Cary, NC. Work at NIEHS (NIH) as a biologist in the National Toxicology Program, in my 25th year with the govt now, but not in the lab anymore. Have a 16 yo son Christian in 11th grade. Smarter than me, thank goodness. I no longer have to (ha! "can") help him with homework. He's an honor student, competitive swimmer of course, but also plays other sports, including rugby. He did his sophomore year in New Zealand so I'm glad to have him home.

High School Activities - Torch Society (10), (11), (12); Pep Club (10), (12); Z Club (10), (11), (12); Pan American League (11), (12 - Secretary); Swim Team (10), (11), (12 - Captain); Senior Council (12); National Honor Society (12)

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