Stephen M. Sauerbrun

Sioux Falls, SD

E-mail -

August 2008 update:

In my life's work I followed through with tradework and apprenticeship in Plumbing with my grandfather after graduation from Seminole Community College. I achieved Journeyman and Master licensing in a few short years and I am an active Master plumber living here in the Dakotas for the last 14 years. My business is registered (in South Dakota) under the name of Mid-Plains Plumbing & Heating. I also vigorously enjoy golfing, camping and fishing here in the Midwest and being a family guy with my wife, Ruth, of 22 years and our two Shih Tzu's Sophie and Moki.

High School Activities - Golf Team (11), (12); Key Club (12); Rifle Club (12); Legend Staff (12)

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