Scott Rutkovitz

Pleasant Hill, CA

Spouse - Rita

E-mail -

September 18, 2005:
I still reside in beautiful Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area), since leaving Orlando, 1976, after graduating from USF/Tampa. Proudly I am still married, 23 years come November, and have 2 beautiful daughters, 21 and 17. At the moment I am saddened, while watching TV, to the fact that my SF 49ers are getting a 'spanking' by the Philly Eagles ... boo hoo! Real sadness is the list of those 71 BHS graduates who are no longer living ... that's why I count my blessings every day and am living life to the fullest.

High School Activities - Sophomore Council Alt. (10); JV Football (10); Key Club (10), (11), (12 - Secretary)

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