Lucinda Martin Ostermeyer

Oviedo, FL

Spouse - Dean Ostermeyer

E-mail -

High School Activities - Sophomore Council (10); Boone Players (10), (11), (12 - Secretary); Pep Club (12); Fall Play (11 - Student Director); Spring Play (11)

April, 2002:

My husband and I closed our business three years ago so that we may retire. After seven months we couldn't stand it any more so we now are working for "The World Famous Lipizzaner Stalions". We travel around the United States and Canada (we have been to every state in the US) and will be going to England and Australia next year.

My husband is the stage manager and I do wardrobe, curtain, and merchandise. We both love it and have decided to do no more desk jobs. We hope to do this for a few more years before retiring once again. I would like to stay in touch to hear about what's going on.

Our mailing address is 1053 Vanarsdale St., Oviedo, FL 32765 (this is the address of the company because we get our mail sent to us once a week depending on where we are at that time. During December, we stay with our daughter in Apopka.

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